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L’Homme Providentiel (The Providential Man) Posted by on Jun 18, 2011 in Music, Vocabulary

L’Homme Providentiel“, the “Providential Man”, the “Savior of the Masses”, is one of those “dynamite figures”, so to speak, that have for long jalonné (punctuated) the History of France: From Louis XIV, le Roi Soleil” (The Sun King), to his Supreme Highness, le Grand Empreur Napoléon Bonaparte—To, finally, the much less sophisticated “parodical figureheads” of later pedigree…
Much to the “déception“, of course, of the French people!

But to each their own disappointment, to each their own “Waterloo”: Napoleon had his on the exact same date as today, the 18th of June, some 196 years ago…

What a Corsican with a “Napoleon complex” would have probably looked like deux siècles plus tard (two centuries later)!

SILMARILS – “L’Homme Providentiel” (The Providential Man)

* S I L M A R I L S – “L’H o m m e  P r o v i d e n t i e l” (“The  Providential  Man”):

Dormez, dormez tranquille quand je vous l’ordonne

Sleep tight when I order you to

Placez vos espérances en moi et que Dieu vous pardonne

Put your hopes into me and may God forgive you

Applaudissez mes actes et buvez mes paroles

Applaud my actions and drink my words

Affichez ma photo dans toutes les écoles  

Display my picture in all schools

Assez! Nous allons dire, nous allons faire

Enough! we will say, we will do

Nous allons bientôt rendre sa fertilité à la terre

We shall give to the land its fertility back

Nous allons faire de vos femmes de bonnes mères 

We shall make of your women good mothers

Votez pour moi vous aurez la lumière

Vote for me and you shall see the light

Voyez je n’ai pas un seule ennemi

Look I have not a single enemy

Car mon discours se situe bien au dela des partis 

For my speech is beyond patisanship

J’accueille à bras ouvert tous les nouveaux venus

I welcome with wide arms all the newcomers

L’heure de changement de vestes et enfin venu

The turncoat time is finally upon us

Merci aux ralliement de dernière minute 

Thank you to the rallying of last minute

Aux Stackhanovistes du demi-tour aux fils de @#%$&!

To the Stakhavonites of about-turns, to the sons of @#%$&!

Vous avez tellement tellement fait pour moi  

You did so much for me

La nation ne vous oubliera pas

The nation won’t forget you

Je rendrai fertile la terre 

I shall make the land fertile again

Je changerai en or la pierre

I will turn stones into gold

Les hommes seront de bons pères 

Men will be good fathers

Je suis l’homme providentiel

I am the providential man

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