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French Phrases – Expressions and Idioms to Use at Work Posted by on Feb 20, 2009 in Vocabulary

You may hear and see expressions all the time and sometimes they can be puzzling, other times they are crucial to understanding or feeling that you are a part of a conversation.  Today, I’ll provide some French expressions that you can use anytime, but especially when working.


de temps en temps from time to time
à la longue in the end
juste à temps just in the nick of time
au plus vite / sur-le-champ as quickly as possible
tous les 36 du mois very rarely
en un rien de temps / en un tournemain in a very short time
à la dernière seconde at the last possible moment
il est grand temps… It’s about time…
tout à coup suddenly
pour le moment temporarily


J’ai perdu le fil. I forgot what I was talking about.
Je n’y comprends rien. I don’t understand anything.
Je n’ai pas pu placer un mot. I didn’t have a chance to say anything.
Ça m’est sorti de l’esprit. It escaped my memory.
le cul entre deux chaises find it difficult to choose between two choices
Je l’ai sur le bout de la langue. It’s on the tip of my tongue.
Ça me dépasse. That’s too difficult for me.
Je me creuse la cervelle. I’m racking my brains.

Utilisez-les bien!

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  1. vidhyaplv:

    Quand je dormais, tout a` coup j’ ai entendu un chien aboyer
    Is this sentence grammatically correct?