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French Phrases as Space and Time Adverbs Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Grammar, Vocabulary

In French, like in any other language, the goal of adverbs is always the same: To modify la signification (the meaning) of words, phrases, and sentences. 

Let’s take this example:

Le scénario de ce film est magnifiquement écrit.

(The plot of this movie is magnificently written.)

Here the adverb magnifiquement is a word, and it serves to modify the adjective écrit.

* * *

In today’s post, we’ll go through some French adverbs which come as phrases, so that you can recognize them whenever you encounter them in a given sentence:

* French phrases as time-related adverbs:

  • Au fur et à mesure: As one goes along
  • À temps: In time
  • De bonne heure: Early
  • D’habitude: Usually
  • D’ores et déjà: Already
  • De suite: At once
  • De temps en temps: From time to time
  • N’importe quand: Anytime
  • Sans cesse: Ceaselessly
  • Sur-le-champ: Immediately
  • Tout à l’heure: Later
  • Tout de suite: At once, immediately

* French phrases as space-related adverbs:

  • À côté: Beside
  • Ça et là: Here and there
  • Côte à côte: Side by side
  • En bas: Down, downstairs
  • En haut: Up, upstairs
  • En arrière: Towards the back
  • En avant: Towards the front
  • En amont: Upstream
  • En aval: Downstream
  • En avance: In advance
  • En dehors: Outside
  • N’importe où: Anywhere

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