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French Television: Le Petit Journal Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Culture

When learning a new language, finding entertainment that’s similar to what you like in your native language can be a big motivation booster. I am a big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so when I found Le Petit Journal, I was happy to have found what is more or less une version française d’une des mes émissions préférées (a French version of one of my favourite shows).

Les deux émissions partagent souvent des convictions politiques et le sens de l’humour (the two shows often share poltical views and sense of humor), making l’émission française (the French show) a fun way to stay up to date on what’s happening in France. The host, Yann Barthès, keeps things going with his commentaires drôles (witty commentary) filling the show with jokes and a light hearted playfulness, but also leaving room to get serious for tough issues and interesting interviews.

En général, if you’re a fan of The Daily Show, you’ll enjoy Le Petit Journal. After watching just a few episodes you’ll surprise your French friends with your knowledge of French politics and French pop culture. The humor of Le Petit Journal is not for everyone. It is often enfantin et immature (childish and immature) and can borderline on antagonistic mocking. Cependant (however), it’s all in good fun and everyone laughs.

Test your French and see if you like the show yourself! Jettez un coup d’oeil à (take a look at) a fun segment on Beyonce’s album that came out in 2013:

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