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French Music – Garou Posted by on Feb 17, 2009 in Music, Uncategorized

Another of my favorite French-language singers is Garou.  As did many French people, I first fell in love with this Quebec-born singer listening to the Notre Dame de Paris CDs.  He played Quasimodo in the musical drama that toured Paris, Montreal, Lyon, Brussels and London. 

The winner of many international music awards, he got his first guitar as a present from his parents at the age of three.  At five, he learned piano and the organ.  His first stage appearances were in front of audiences 300-strong in his school auditorium as part of a Beatles-inspired band formed by his classmates.  After graduating, he played trumpet in the Canadian Armed Forces band for about a year but left since he was a bit of a rebel.  He spent time working odd jobs while performing in night clubs and Montreal metro stations.  He gained fame as Quasimodo and then appeared with various French-language singers on albums and at shows.  When Celine Dion, with whom he recorded Sous le vent, decided to take a two-year break, she entrusted her team to Garou.  His first album Seul sold 2.5 million copies. 

His latest album is entitled Piece of My Soul and is topping the music charts in several countries.  It is his first English-language album and is filled with songs from all over the world, written by international songwriters and stars including Enrique Iglesias.  He is currently on tour across the former Soviet Union. 

Check out Garou’s official website.

Belle from Notre Dame de Paris

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  1. Linda W:

    I love Garou but no matter who I contact, I cannot find out why he doesn’t tour in English Canada – or Montreal for that matter. He’s coming to two little northern towns that are going to be impossible to get to – probably easier to go to Europe to see him What’s up with that? And why isn’t he more famous in Canada – the guy is an amazing talent. I just don’t get it.

  2. hh:

    Why hasnt the world at large hear of Garou??? I stumbled across a video of him singing “You can leave your hat on” on youtube and was completely blown away. What an amazing voice and what an incredible stage presence!!!!!

    Why hasnt some English language recording company make their fortune off him yet. He should be so famous.

  3. Chanda:

    I agree with you hh – Garou is extremely talented! If you haven’t heard it or seen it, I highly recommend watching Notre Dame de Paris the musical. He’s awesome!

  4. Pietro Antoni:

    Garou is “formidable” as they say in French. I became a huge fan after going nuts over Notre Dame de Paris especially his finale “Danse mon Esméralda”. It was so moving. He was Quasimodo. I’ve loved him ever since. I too don’t get why top Qebecois talent like Garou who can sing in several languages is NOT REALLY famous in Canada. He is a big star in France and elsewhere in the world.

    Something is wrong when we can’t even appreciate our own native talent. Garou is the tops.