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Guillaume Depardieu Died Today Posted by on Oct 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

After being hospitalized for a few days, French actor Gérard Depardieu’s son Guillaume, also a famous French actor, died suddenly today in Paris at the age of 37 from a bout with pneumonia.  His mother is the actress Elisabeth Guignot and his sister Julie is also an actress.  

Although he was often present on movie sets from the beginning of his childhood and appeared in some of his father’s films, Guillaume’s acting career took off with Alain Corneau’s film “Tous les matins du monde”.  In 1996, he was awarded a most-promising male actor César for his role in “Les Apprentis” as well as the Jean-Gabin Prize.  Throughout his career, he starred in some twenty movies, including the made-for-TV “Le Comte de Montecristo”, “Les Misérables” and “Napoleón” as well as “Versailles” which was released in theaters in August and “Stella” which is scheduled to be on the big screen in November.

Often in legal trouble, he led a chaotic life which he described in a 2003 book entitled “Tout donner”.  He was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident and eventually had his right knee amputated after contracting two hospital-acquired diseases.  He later created a foundation for people who suffer from these types of diseases called the “Fondation Guillaume Depardieu”.  He is also a singer and has written an opera and songs for other famous artists.  

On salue sa mémoire.

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  1. Alan Smith:

    First let me offer my sincered condolences to M.and Mdm Depardieu in the sad loss of thier son. I know how it feels to lose somone very dear to you.
    And now my apologies regarding the wartime song that I mentioned yesterday… I misheard the words (or maybe the singer didn’t pronounce them too well) but it should be ” J’attendrais, le jour et la nuit”. I am old enough to remember the song when it first appeared with a singer named Rosso and it was lovely to hear even then.but I never knew the real words.

  2. Jess:

    C’est sinistre, cette nouvelle!! Guillaume Depardieu etait non seulement un bon acteur mais aussi un gentil homme.. Et c’est dommage qu’il n’est plus parmi nous!
    J’offre mes plus sinceres condoleances a sa famille!

  3. di:

    Heard last week – a sad loss for his family but for French Theatre and Film. Condolences to all….