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Hedonistic French Rap: “Chui Un Bo Gosse” (I’m a Handsome Kid) Posted by on Apr 30, 2011 in Music, Vocabulary

Disiz la Peste dedicates this song to “tous les beaux gosses et les belles gosses” (“all the handsome kids and the beautiful girls”)—No doubt an “inspirational hymn” for the “bogossitude” movement headed by its founder, Mickaël Vendetta

* * *

If you read the title and haven’t yet come to understand how “Chui un bo gosse” can mean “I’m a handsome kid“, then please, ne panique pas (don’t panic) already. Now you know it, the Transparent French Blog is always here to help 🙂

So here’s how it’s “deciphered”:

  • Chui” is a slang or very informal way to say “je suis“, meaning “I am“, as in the well-known Cartesian motto “Je pense, donc je suis” (“I think therefore I am.”)
  • Bo” is also a very informal way to say the word “beau“, meaning “beautiful”, or in this case “handsome.”
  • Gosse” is a word we’ve already encountered here on the The French Blog (remember “G’ French Slang words” ), meaning a “kid“, or a “child.”

Now all you have to do is just combine the separate meanings, and you’ve got it: fastoche(“easy”)!

* * *

Part of his 2006 album “Les Histoires extraordinaires d’un jeune de banlieue” (“The Extraordinary Stories of a Young Suburbanite”), Disiz sings “Bo Gosse

* * *

This chanson de rap (rap song) is actually too long to fit in just one day’s post, and some parts of the lyrics are anyways not exactly rated “PG-13“, so you probably won’t listen to them when your parents are around—That is, if your parents are actually fluent in French, and French slang, bien sûr (of course)!

But since we’d hate to see you complètement largués(a French slang way to say “totally lost”), you’ll be indulged with a number of selective translations of les paroles (the lyrics).

* Voici quelques exemples (Here are a few examples):

– The Intro says: “On a tous un beau gosse en nous …  Si si, même toi, t’inquiète” (“We’ve all got a handsome kid in us… Yes, even you, don’t worry”), “C’est ta voix de beau gosse intérieure qui te parle” (“It’s your voice of the inner handome kid that’s talking to you”)

– C’est pour tous les beaux gosses et les belles gosses(“It’s for all the handsome kids and the beautiful girls”)

– “Moi j’suis un beau gosse, évidemment qu’je m’aime, moi, c’est tout dans la sape, tout dans la caisse” (“I’m a handsome kid, so obviously I like myself, it’s all about the the clothes, all about the wheels”)

– “Ouais, ouais, j’vis encore chez mes parents, et alors, ça fait quoi, d’toutes façons, j’ai qu’trente ans” (“Yeah, yeah, I still live at my parent’s, so what, I’m only 30 anyways”)

– “Le net est un océan à thons, faut savoir y pêcher” (“The Web is an ocean full of ugly chicks in which you’ve got to know how to fish”)

– “Même désarmé, j’ai plus d’un tour dans ma poche, jamais bredouille c’est la devise du beau gosse” (“Even disarmed, I’ve got more tricks up my sleeves, never go back empty-handed, that’s the motto of the handsome kid”)

– “Cette année, c’est chaud. Mission: les vacances, Saint-Tropez, Ibiza. Nan, c’est même pas là ! Dans le sud de la FranceFaut qu’j’économise, j’ai d’jà deux crédits. Un pour la caisse et un autre pour mon permis!” (“This year, it’s hot. Mission: Holidays in Saint-Tropez, Ibiza. Nah, it’s not even there! In the South of France. I’ve got to save money, already got two credits on my car and my license!”)

– “Ok, c’est le retour de la voix du beau gosse: Leçon numéro°1, quand tu te regardes dans la glace, aie envie d’toi, désire-toi, et chante avec moi ce refrain: Allez, on y va” (“Ok, the voice of the handsome kid is back: Lesson Number One, when you look at yourself in the mirror, aie envy yourself, desire yourself, and sing with me this tune: Come on, let’s go!”)

– “Chui Un Bo Gosse” (“I’m a Handsome Kid”)

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