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Crêpes à l’ananas (Pineapple crepes) Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Vocabulary

L’ananas (pineapple) is a tropical fruit pas comme les autres (unlike the others)!

Yes, just ask the Dominican botanist Jean-Baptiste Du Tertre, the Frenchman who joined les hollandais (the Dutch) against les espagnols (the Spaniards) during the siege of Maastricht, almost 400 years before the two would meet again in a World Cup final, and about 40 years before another insane siege of the same city took place, in which the (very real) brave d’Artagnan would fall in combatL’ananas est le roi des fruits” (“Pineapple is the king of fruits”), says Du Tertre, “c‘est pour ça que Dieu, le Roi des rois, lui a mis une couronne sur la tête” (“That’s why God, the King of kings, put a crown on its head”)

Now, with that in mind, how about “un dessert royal” (“royal dessert”)?
* * *
How long is the temps de préparation (preparation time)?
Around 30 minutes, not more.
And how long would you say the temps de cuisson (cooking time) is?
Also about 30 minutes tout au plus (at the longest.)
So, all in all, that makes un temps total of une heure seulement (an hour only)!
* * *
Et combien ça coûte pour deux personnes, par exemple (And how much does it cost for two people, for example)?
It’s very abordable (affordable), about 6or less.
D’accord, but how hard is it?
That, I can tell you for sure, c’est très facile (it’s very easy)!

* * *

* First, a “petit tuyau” (“small tip”) to choose the right ananas (pineapple):

Take one of the central leaves, pull it out, if it comes out facilement (easily), then the pineapple is mûr (ripe)!

Comment couper un ananas (How to cut a pineapple)
You’ll see, it’s not so hard once you learn it!

* * *

* Les ingrédients for les crêpes à l’ananas are:

– Un Ananas (One pineapple)

– 2 œufs (2 eggs)

– 50 g de beurre (50 g of butter)

– 25 g de sucre en poudre (25 g of powdered sugar)

– Du sucre de canne (cane sugar)

– 25 cl de lait (25 cl of milk)

– Une pincée de sel (a pinch of salt)

– 125 g de farine de blé (125 g of wheat flour)

* * *

La préparation of les crêpes à l’ananas:

D’abord, la pâte (first the pastry): Prepare la pâte à crêpes (the crepes pastry) with la farine (wheat), le sucre en poudre (powdered sugar), le lait (milk), le beurre (butter), and les oeufs (eggs.)

Ensuite (then), add a cuillerée (spoonful) of syrup of your choice, and cook the crêpes

– Empty up the ananas (pineapple), then chop the fruit skin to have a compote (stewed pineapple.)

– Put on quickly le beurre (butter) on each crêpe in the poêle (pan), and drop a spoonful of compote d’ananas (stewed pineapple), then roulez-les (roll them)!

– Sprinkle some sucre de canne (cane sugar) and syrup on top


Flambez the whole thing, and serve in des assiettes chaudes (hot plates.) 

– At this point, savourez “royalement“—Enjoy your crêpes à l’ananas like a king!




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