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Invested In Vêtements – Winter Clothing In French Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Vocabulary

After spending time in la Floride over the holidays, I had an interesting wardrobe problem when I flew back to France. I had to make sure I had access to mes vêtements d’hiver (my winter clothes) or I would freeze à Paris!

Alice” by Larry Neuberger on Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

My relationship with le froid (the cold) started when I first moved to France. I was not used to le froid and I struggled with heating my apartment. I didn’t even have any vêtements d’hiver!

Before l’hiver arrived, I had to figure out where to buy un anorak, une écharpe, des pulls et des chaussettes épaisses (a winter jacket, a scarf, sweaters, and thick socks). There are a lot of layers to put on during the colder months of the year!

Le défi (the challenge) for me was not being familiar with les vêtements d’hiver. Après un peu de recherche (after some research) I bought what I thought would be good enough to get me through l’hiver.

Malheuresement (unfortunately), la Floride did not prepare me for the cold. My first winter in France was way colder than I expected. Heruesement (fortunately), I learned from my mistake and bought warmer clothes!

After the holidays, when I  flew back to Paris, I had another weather related wardrobe problem. It was too hot en Floride to wear les vêtements d’hiver and it was too cold à Paris to not wear les vêtements d’hiver !

I ended up changing in l’aéroport as soon as l’avion a atterri (the plane landed) and was able to deal with the worst of le froid without any problem.

Luckily the cold months are almost over and  it will soon be time to start opening windows!

Voici un vocabulaire des vêtements d’hiver :

My Closet” by m01229 on Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Le blouson – Jacket
L’anorak – Winter jacket
Le doudoune – Winter jacket
Le manteau – Coat
Le manteau d’hiver – Winter coat
Le pull – Sweater
L’écharpe – Scarf
Le bonnet – Winter hat
Les gants – Gloves
Les moufles – Mittens
Les bottes d’hiver – Winter boots
Le cache-oreilles – Ear muffs
Les chaussettes épaisses – Thick socks
Les caleçons longs – Long johns

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