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Les Victoires de la musique de 2011 Posted by on Feb 11, 2011 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

Comme chaque année (Like every year), the musicians who are considered the best are awarded a prestigious trophee called “une victoire de la musique(a “Music Victory.“)

In the first part of this vingt-sixième édition(Twenty Sixth Edition) of the music ceremony, the organizers put the focus on “la récompense de la jeunesse” (“the reward of the youth.”)

* Stromae and his “Alors on danse” were among les grands gagnants(the big winners.)

Le Belge Stromae—“Alors on danse

* * *

* Also among the winners is Gaëtan Roussel, who won la Victoire de l’Album rock.

Gaëtan was le chanteur principal (the lead singer) of the famous group Louise Attaque. Last year, he produced two hit albums:  “Il y a” (“There Is”) and “Help Myself“, both of them were written by Johnny Depp’s life partner, Vanessa Paradis, who, unfortunately for her, was not among the “victorious” musicians of this year—yet!

Vanessa Paradis interpreting Gaëtan Roussel’s “Il y a” (“There Is”)

* * *

* In the Révélation Scène category,the name of artist Ben, l’Oncle Soul was already noted in a group depuis quelques années(since a few years); however, since he produced an album “solo” last year, he was to surf the waves of French Radio as an unrivaled King of French Soul!

Clip Ben, l’oncle Soul – “Seven Nation Army”

* * *

* As for the “l’album de Musique Urbaine“, the French artist who does not need any intros anymore, namely Abd Al Malik, has won his quatrième Victoire(fourth Victory) with his new album “Château rouge” (“Red Castle.”)

Abd Al Malik’s “Mon Amour” (“My Love”), from his winning album “Château rouge” (“Red Castle”)—In French and English!

Le monde peut-il se faire sans nous?” (“Can the World be made without us?”)

* * *

In “Musique du Monde” (“Music of the World”), French-Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra was awarded une Victoirefor her “Handmade” album, which she claims she single-handedly made—literally that is, and for which she already earned le prix Constantin last year.

“Beautiful Tango”, a “handmade” song, by Zahra Hindi

* * *

Bernard Lavilliers wins a Victoire of “l’album de Chanson for “Causes perdues et musiques tropicales” (“Lost Causes and Tropical Musics”)

* * *

In the “folk-rock-électro” style, the French duo “Lilly Wood & The Prick” was deemed “Révélation du Public” for this year, even though they only sing in Ze English language only!

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  1. Vicky Enoch:

    Je suis heureux de parler français, merci pour l’amitié, heureux Saint Valentin dans cette amitié et j’aime la musique et la chorale