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Ô Canada: The Canadian National Anthem in French Posted by on Sep 16, 2010

Alors, quoi dire de la culture française à Terre-Neuve? Actually, although it’s bilingual, Newfoundland is not very French. (It is awfully irlandais—Irish—however, for reasons of historical migration.)   One element of bilinguality les Terre-neuviens can’t get away from, however, is l’hymne national, the national anthem.  “O Canada,” or “Ô Canada” (with a chapeau on the…

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How to Learn French in One Very Simple Step Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

Step One: Démenagez au Canada. Move to Canada. That’s all it takes. I’ve been here depuis dimanche, and I forgot how amazing it is to be in a country where everything is labeled in French. But even better than actual France, le tout Canadais bilingue, so everything is labeled in French and then translated! Incroyable…

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A Little Bit about Canada (in French) Posted by on Jul 2, 2010

Je ne l’attendais pas du tout—I didn’t expect it at all. Je vous ai proposé le Canada, le Madagascar et le Sénégal (I offered you Canada, Madagascar and Senegal) et vous avez massivement voté pour (and you overwhelmingly voted for)… Le Canada ! You’ve recognized la beauté du chapeau des États-Unis (je rigole je t’aime Canada !)…

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