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Celebrations Posted by on Mar 1, 2022

Today is mardi, le 1er mars … et c’est Mardi Gras! In honor of the day, today we look at a few different types of celebrations … Mardi Gras It’s traditional to feast on this last day before Lent, and for many the day’s eating isn’t complete without a local fried dough. Around France, each…

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Before Versailles and Before the Louvre: Fontainebleau Palace Posted by on May 26, 2013

Everyone knows le Louvre. And I’m sure it is safe to assume that everyone has at least heard of Versailles. But how about Fontainebleau, the château (castle) that is both classique and Renaissance? It’s actually not that far from Paris, about soixante kilomètres (60 kms) South East of the French capital. Of course, you can also choose to…

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Paris-Plages: When The Beach Comes to Paris! Posted by on Jul 21, 2011

If you spent the past two weeks or so in Paris, you’ll know that le temps (the weather) did not exactly “spoil” the Parisians—Together with the millions of tourists who flocked into France to visit the French capital! But actually, since yesterday, the Paris weather has decided to take it easy for a bit. Much…

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