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French Culture – Fireworks Posted by on Jul 14, 2020

Happy Bastille Day! Or as they say in France Joyeux quatorze juillet. This year because of Covid-19 the annual celebrations of the birth of the French republic will look a little different, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate. Un défilé, des bals, et des feux d’artifices A typical quatorze juillet (July 14th) in France…

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French Vocabulary – In the street Posted by on Jun 2, 2020

The other day I was out for a walk and practicing my French en même temps (at the same time) by naming all the things I could  see. Les arbres, les plantes, le ciel, le soleil, des boîtes aux lettres, et la rue (The trees, the plants, the sky, the sun, mailboxes, and the street). When I got…

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French Vocabulary – Working Out Posted by on Apr 28, 2020

While some countries are starting to relax their stay at home orders, people living in others – including la France, l’Angleterre, and many parts of les États-Unis (including where I live) – are still trying to find ways to pass the time while confinés chez eux. Virtual tours are great for the mind, but what…

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French Grammar – Tell me why Posted by on Jan 28, 2020

Recently we looked les pronoms démonstratifs. You remember, those words that help answer the question “Which ______?” This week we’ll look at how to respond to the question “Pourquoi?” using a few useful conjunctions. Parce que Anyone with little children is used to hearing them ask “Pourquoi?” (“Why?”). It’s a question that follows us throughout our lives…

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French Language – Time and Temperature Posted by on Jan 7, 2020

What better time than the beginning of a new year (and the beginning of l’hiver / winter) to talk about the time and the weather. My colleagues here at Transparent Language have covered some of this before, so think of this week as a review … with some helpful tips and new vocabulary. C’est l’heure…

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French Culture – Oh what a year! Posted by on Dec 31, 2019

It is once again New Year’s Eve, and around the world people are greeting un nouvel an even as they look back at the year (et toute une décennie ! / and a whole decade) that is coming to an end. And what a year it was! Les Français dans les rues As far back as La Révolution…

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French Commercial – Sharing the work Posted by on Nov 26, 2019

Ariel is not just famously the Petite Sirène (Little Mermaid), in France, it is also the name of a well-known laundry detergent. On my recent trip to France, I saw the following commercial that resonated with me. Commercials are not only a great way to learn vocabulary, since they are often very concrete and the…

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