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French Vocabulary – Working Out Posted by on Apr 28, 2020 in Culture, Language, Vocabulary

While some countries are starting to relax their stay at home orders, people living in others – including la France, l’Angleterre, and many parts of les États-Unis (including where I live) – are still trying to find ways to pass the time while confinés chez eux. Virtual tours are great for the mind, but what about the body? Pour ça, rien de mieux qu’un peu d’exercice (For that, nothing beats a little exercise).

Faire du sport

En temps normal (In normal times) there are many ways to faire du sport (to play sports or more generically to get some exercise).

When you’re stuck at home though, that can be a little bit more difficult. You have to get creative! But with a little inspiration, anyone can find some space and improvise equipment (le matérielle) to keep active.

Plume to the rescue

Like in this funny video from the clever team at Parole de chat. Before you watch, review the vocabulary below to help you.

When you’re ready, try watching the video a few times without les sous-titres (subtitles). See how much you can understand using the vocabulary below, previous lessons, and clues from what you see. If you need to, click the CC button en bas à droite de la vidéo (in the lower right of the video) to turn on les sous-titres.

Listen for the following as you watch the video …

T’as fait du sport aujourd’hui? As mentioned above faire du sport can mean to play a sport or more generically to work out, or to exercise. Plume’s owner, clearly concerned about Plumes mental health after their attempted fuite (escape), wants to make sure they are getting some entraînement (practice, training).

I can tell you from personal experience (just see the state of our chairs!) that many cats think that se faire les griffes (sharpening their claws) is exercise. It. Is. Not!.

Of course before working out, l’échauffement est idéal (warming up is ideal)On s’échauffe pour éviter de se faire du mal (you warm up to prevent getting hurt/injuries).

And don’t forget to stretch (On n’oublie pas de s’étirer). Stretching (s’étirer) can also help prevent des entorses (sprains).

A good way de travailler sa ligne (to work on your figure) is with une petite série d’abdos. From the word abdominaux (abdominals), les abdos (abs) help us stand tall … and look trimmer!

On ne se décourage pas !

If you can’t faire as much sport as you would like to, surtout ne vous découragez pas(Don’t lose courage/don’t give up). Even a little balade autour de chez soi (walk around your own house) can do wonders. And if you are able to faire du sportn’oubliez pas de faire une pause (don’t forget to take a rest).

Main photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Chair photo (C) Tim Hildreth, used with permission.

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