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Slow Cooker French Recipe: Fricassée de Poulet à l’Ancienne Posted by on Feb 18, 2016

Last year, I moved from the east coast to the west coast of the US, and one of the biggest shocks I had when I arrived was the weather. Why is it 80° in February? Don’t get me wrong – j’adore ce temps (I love this weather), but growing up on the other side of…

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How to Make a French Baguette Posted by on Apr 12, 2012

Ok, granted, not everyone can easily learn how to “make-and-bake” a French baguette, but with just a little patience and a fair amount of practice, you hopefully won’t need a “baguette magique” (magic stick) to do that! * * * Combine the steps of the video above with the detailed tricks listed below, and you may…

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Crème brûlée – with Nutella Posted by on Feb 27, 2012

You like to eat tons of Nutella, with and without bread? And you also like Crème brûlée? Well, then look no further for a dessert recette (recipe) that you will just love to prepare—and taste!    Here’s how to do it, pour quatre personnes (for four people): 30 cl of lait (milk) 20 cl of crème fraiche (fresh cream)…

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French Recette Extraordinaire: Financiers Posted by on Aug 24, 2010

Je viens de passer (I just spent) toute la soirée à fouiller dans tout mon appart pour une recette (the whole evening searching my whole apartment for a recipe). Ce n’est pas une recette ordinaire. If you learn about anything from this blog, it’s probably my obsession with baked goods- les cupcakes, les cookies (petits…

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Willy Wonka, meet Pierre Hermé Posted by on Jun 16, 2010

If “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” had been set in France, it would have been about macarons. Colorful and creative, these petits gâteaux (cookies) sont une fantaisie en sucre, a sugary confection of des blancs d’œuf (egg whites), du poudre d’amande (almond flour) et de la crème ou de la confiture dedans (and cream…

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