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Crème brûlée – with Nutella Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Vocabulary

You like to eat tons of Nutella, with and without bread? And you also like Crème brûlée? Well, then look no further for a dessert recette (recipe) that you will just love to prepare—and taste!


 Here’s how to do it, pour quatre personnes (for four people):

  • 30 cl of lait (milk)
  • 20 cl of crème fraiche (fresh cream)
  • 5 jaunes d’oeufs (egg yolks)
  • 40 g of sucre en poudre (powder sugar)
  • 150 g of Nutella (not more, otherwise it would feel too much)
  • 60 g of cassonade (brown sugar)
  • Temps de préparation (Preparation time): 15 minutes
  • Temps de cuisson (Cooking time) : 70 minutes
  • Temps de repos (Break time) : 120 minutes
  • Temps total (Total time): 205 minutes

So yes, it takes time, almost three and a half hours, but ça vaut vraiment le coup (it is really worth it.)

 Preparation of the Crème brûlée with Nutella: 

1. Warm le lait (the milk), the crème and the Nutella all in a casserole (saucepan) on a soft fire. Mix so that the Nutella melts. Whip well in a saladier (bowl) the egg yolks and the 40 g of powder sugar until you get a white mixture, then add the hot cream while mixing so that whole things melts.
2. Allow the cream prendre du repos (to take a break) for at least 2 hours in le réfrigérateur.

3. Set le four at 95°C. Spread softly the cream in a slow-cooker. Cook for 60 and up to 75 minutes.

4. Let it get colder, and keep the creams in the fridge.

5. Before serving, saupoudrer (sprinkle) the creams with some cassonade (brown sugar) or sucre en poudre (powder sugar), then caramelize it with a chalumeau (blowtorch)—a kitchen blowtorch that is, not your dad’s welding blowtorch he keeps in the garage.

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