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The French Love Facebook Posted by on Mar 12, 2009 in Culture

Yes, the Internet social network Facebook has become a craze all over the world.  But, the French absolutely LOVE it.  Back in October 2008, there were over 4.1 million active users.  It is so surprisingly popular that the company is planning to establish offices in Paris and the site was translated by users in just 24 hours as opposed to two weeks in Spain, for example.

One of my French friends sent me a video the other day of a French comedian, Jerôme Comandeur, making jokes about Facebook, its popularity and the French people.  It might be difficult for beginning students, but any input is good.  It’s quite hilarious.

So, if you have a Facebook account, think about joining a French group or using French applications or answering French quizzes or listening to French music or even just take a look at some of the French ads.  It is a very good way to learn more of the language. 

For example, you can answer questions about your friends in French and see what your friends think of you with Qui de mes amis…
You can create a poll with Créer un sondage…
You can find significant others for your friends with Docteur Love
Give your opinions on your friends and find out what they think of you with Que penses-tu de moi?
Send fairies to your friends to wish them well with Les Fées
and much more.

Rejoins-moi sur Facebook!

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