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Archive for August, 2009

Dative Case Posted by on Aug 18, 2009

The dative case is used to indentify indirect objects. Indirect objects ask ‘for whom’ or ‘to whom’. Example: Alexander gibt seinem Freund 200 Euro. Alexander gives his friend 200 Euros. In this case ‘seinem Freund’ is the dative Here is the dative of the definite article. Dative masculine: dem Dative feminine: der Dative neuter: dem Dative plural…

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Vornamen Posted by on Aug 12, 2009

I’ve always been fascinated by German vornamen, or first names. Today we’ll look at some of the meanings and origins of German first names. If you don’t have a German name, hopefully this will inspire you to choose a German name that best represents yourself. Anna/Anne : is a populär girl’s name. It means “grace”…

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Richard Wagner Posted by on Aug 9, 2009

Richard Wagner war ein deutscher Komponist. He believed in Gesamtkunstwerk, which was the synthesis of art, music and drama. Richard Wagner wurde am 22. Mai 1813 in Leipzig. Sechs Monate nach seiner Geburt, am 23. November 1813, starb der Vater an Typhus. Wagner’s stepfather introduced Wagner to musical theater. He was inspired by artists such…

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