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Archive for February, 2010

Family Ties Posted by on Feb 27, 2010

German and English are cousin languages; they both are Germanic. Many similarities exist among these two languages. However, there are certain words which are untranslatable. One example from a previous blog is Schwarzfahrer (fare dodger). The German word Ohrwurm is another example of a word without an English equivalent. Ear worm is the literal translation…

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Train Fare Dodging in Germany Posted by on Feb 24, 2010

Every German is familiar with the word Schwarzfahrer—literally, black rider but meaning ‘fare-dodger.’ Depending on what type of öffentliche Verkehrsmittel (public transportation) you are riding, a conductor or ticket monitor is not usually bei der Pflicht (on duty). Vorsicht (careful, watch out)! The Kontrolle (ticket monitor) could come aboard and ask to see your Fahrschein…

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99 Luftballons Posted by on Feb 23, 2010

German music has had it impacts in the United States. Nena introduced her song “99 Luftballons” to the US market and made it all the way to No.1 in the United States. The song was played in German even though an English version existed. Nena was part of the “Neue deutsche Welle” (new German wave)…

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Erster Teil (first part) The Golden Twenties? Posted by on Feb 15, 2010

Erster Teil (first part): The Golden Twenties? In the beginning years of the First World War, soldiers and citizens alike were all too eager to go off to battle. Many soldiers viewed the war as an Ausflug (trip,outing) and believed they would soon be Zuhause (home) with their families. When the war ended, Kaiser Friedrich…

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The earlier the better – Language education Posted by on Feb 14, 2010

The first time a German student is confronted with a foreign language in a class is between third and fifth grade depending on the individual school. The school system in Germany starts with the Grundschule (elementary school) from first to fourth grade. During those for years it will be determined which school a student will…

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