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Archive for July, 2011

German aid organization “Die Tafeln” Posted by on Jul 29, 2011

I think it is important to touch upon social policy matters from time to time. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the German aid organization “Die Tafeln”, which means well-laid table. Their slogan is: “Essen wo es hingehört” (food to where it belongs to). Although Germany is one of the richest countries in…

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Die unendliche Geschichte – The Neverending Story Posted by on Jul 25, 2011

Probably most of you know Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story) by Michael Ende. The Fantasy Novel centers on Bastian Balthasar Bux (Bastian Balthazar Bux) who helps boy warrior Atréju (Atreyu) to save the land Phantásien (Fantastica) from the Nichts (Nothing), which is about to destroy Fantastica and which might break the health of the…

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Schloss Neuschwanstein Posted by on Jul 19, 2011

It is very probable that most people have seen an imitation of the fairy-tale castle Schloss Neuschwanstein, which was, for example, the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The original Schloss Neuschwanstein is to be found in the south of Bavaria, in the village of Hohenschwangau near the town Füssen. The castle is an idealized…

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The German prepositions “zu” and “nach” – “to” Posted by on Jul 15, 2011

Sometimes it can be very hard for learners of German to choose the correct preposition. This may be especially the case with the German prepositions “zu” and “nach”, which both mean “to” in English. Even some Germans have difficulties to distinguish “zu” and “nach” or use other prepositions when actually “zu” or “nach” are obligatory…

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German music: Rio Reiser Posted by on Jul 14, 2011

Hi everybody… Some weeks ago when I introduced Herbert Grönemeyer to you, there was a big respond to it. Many of you wanted to know more about German musicians or bands. I guess you thought about the contemporary ones not about classic 🙂 So I decided to do a little series of portraits from time…

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Die Fußballweltmeistermannschaft der Frauen – Women’s soccer world championship Posted by on Jul 7, 2011

Currently, the world championship of women’s soccer takes place in Germany. Therefore, I would like to convey some vocabularies on soccer in this post. Below you can find a German text and the English translation.   Das Eröffnungsspiel der Fußballweltmeisterschaft der Frauen fand am 26. Juni 2011 im Berliner Olympiastadion statt. The inaugural game of…

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Instruments – Instrumente Posted by on Jul 1, 2011

Hey there, as I promised, there will be a blog post about instruments. So let´s start the classic way and have a look at an Orchestra. In it´s main parts it consists of the following instruments: der Dirigent – conductor die Violine/die Geige – violin die Bratsche – viola das Violoncello – violoncello der Kontrabass…

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