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Groß- und Kleinschreibung – Upper and lower case Posted by on Sep 28, 2012

Dear German learners, recently I came across some sentences that made me smile and let me think of German language…and as well I had to think about you people who are learning the language as foreigners. I guess sometimes upper and lower case might drive you crazy while learning. I can totally understand… But look…

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German Comedy Show: Switch Reloaded (Listen, watch, read, and understand) Posted by on Sep 26, 2012

Switch Reloaded is one of my favorite Comedy Shows on German Television. I find the show so funny because they exclusively caricature television programs and celebrities, primarily German TV programs and celebs but also American ones. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a version with subtitles, therefore, I you can find the German dialogs and their English…

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German word order: Imperatives and Questions Posted by on Sep 25, 2012

Imperatives Imperatives are sentences in the command form. Setz dich! – Sit down! (2nd person singular; informal) Setzt euch! – Sit down! (2nd person plural; informal) Setzten Sie sich! – Sit down (2nd person; singular and plural; formal) Hör auf! – Stop that! (2nd person singular; informal) Hört auf! – Stop that! (2nd person plural;…

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German word order: Subordinate Clauses, part 2 Posted by on Sep 24, 2012

In my last post I explained how to form subordinate clauses with only one verb. Now, let’s go one step further and have a look at subordinate clauses that contain two verbs. When a sentence contains two verbs, one of them is always a full verb and the other is either an auxiliary verb or…

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German word order: Subordinate Clauses, part 1 Posted by on Sep 23, 2012

German word order can be a pain in the neck. This time, I am dealing with subordinate clauses and I hope that I can bring some light into the darkness. A subordinate clause cannot stand on its own but has to be linked to a main clause: “Sabine trinkt ein Glas Wasser, weil sie Durst…

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