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Following on from my last post, which you can find here, I will be giving you five top tips on how to keep your plants alive and thriving indoors. I love having plants in my home. Not only are they good air filters, but they also brighten up the place.

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1. Diese Pflanzen lieben die Sonne

These Plants Love the Sun

Not all plants need a lot of sunlight, but there are some that can’t get enough sun and are therefore great for your Fensterbrett (windowsill), especially near a Sudfenster (south facing window).


Here are a few plants that need a lot of sunlight:

Sukkulenten wie Aloe Vera                 succulents like aloe vera

Palmlilie                                                        palm lily (yucca plant)

Rosmarin                                                      rosemary

Thymian                                                     thyme
Lavendel                                                       lavender

Tomatenpflanze                                        tomato plant

2. Diese Pflanzen brauchen nicht so viel Sonne

These Plants do not Need a lot of Sun

If you don’t have a very sunny home then don’t worry, there are also enough plants that don’t need as much Sonnenlicht (sunlight).

Plants that are happy with less sunlight:

Petersilie                            parsley

Ringelblumen                   marigolds

Bärlauch                            wild garlic

Grünlilie                              spider plant

Einblatt                                lily (this is also a great plant that filters air)

Spinat Pflanze                   spinach plant

3. Die Pflanze gleich umtopfen

Repot the Plant 

If you are buying a plant, then usually the pot it comes in is going to be too small for the plant, this will stunt its growth. Repot the plant into a bigger pot and watch it thrive.

4. Jede Pflanze braucht unterschiedlichen Mengen an Wasser

Each Plant Needs Different Amounts of Water

If you have lots of different types of plants, note which ones need more water than others. Write a schedule on what days you water what plants, for example Sukkulenten do not need a lot of water at all, but Basilikum on the other hand needs to be watered regularly. Also note the change of season can also influence how much water your plant needs.

5. Schneiden Sie Ihre Pflanze

Trim Your Plant

Leaves do eventually get old and die, or maybe your plant has a problem that you should try and find the solution to. Whichever the reason, you should be cutting off any dead leaves or flowers so that your plant isn’t wasting energy on parts that no longer grow. Trimming old leaves can also encourage the plant to grow new leaves.


Let me know in the comments if you have any indoor plants and if so let me know what they are called in German!


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