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61. Berlinale Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Culture, Current Events, Folklore, People, Traditions

Right now, from 10th to 20th of February, the 61st „Berlinale“ takes place in …guess where? Right! In Berlin. The correct name for this jährliche (anual) happening is „Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin“ and it is one of the most important events of the Filmbranche (movie industry) worldwide.

The official Programm (program) shows about 400 movies. Mostly they are European or even World premiers. It is the biggest cultural event in Berlin, so every year, about 19.000 trade and business professionals from 128 countries akkreditieren (accredit) themselves for the festival (4.000 journalists among them). With 300.000 sold tickets, the Berlinale is not just a Treffpunkt (meeting place) for business people, no, it´s one of the biggest public festivals as well. As you can imagine, the whole city turns into a place of Kunst (art), glamour, party and  business during that time.

Artists from all over the world come to Berlin to face a diverse cinematic landscape, a critical public and a vielschichtige (multilayer) audience.

The most important component of the festival ist the Wettbewerb (competition). The ceremonial highlight is the award of the „Bären“ (bears). Movies from all kinds of Kategorien (categories) are chosen by a comittee and about 20 of them will win. There is an international jury that gives the „Goldener Bär“ to the best movie, the „Silberner Bär“ goes to best Regisseur (director), best actor and so on…

Since 2008 there´s also a „Silberner Bär“ for best screenplay.

This years Eröffnungsfilm (opening movie) is called „True Grit“ from the Coen brothers. It is as well nominated for 10 (!!!) Oscars, so I guess it´s not too bad.

Personally, I never had the chance to go to the Berlinale, but I think it´s really worth a trip to Berlin to see the latest movies, newest trends, extraordinary art and maybe some of the national and international celebrities.

More information about the program and the festival itself can be found at www.berlinale.de.


jährlich – anual
die Fimbranche – movie industry
das Programm – program
akkreditieren – to accredit
der Treffpunkt – meeting place
die Kunst – art
vielschichtig – multilayer
der Wettbewerb – competition
der Bär – bear
die Kategorie – category
der Regisseur – director
der Eröffnungsfilm – opening movie

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