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Day at the sea – Tag am Meer Posted by on Apr 7, 2010 in Culture, Music

Today I want to share some German music with you. So I´ll introduce a song from the most famous hip hop band in Germany that is called “Die fantastischen Vier” (The fantastic four). The title of the song is “Tag am Meer” (Day at the sea) and its lyrics are about some drug experiences. So the translation might sound a little weird… but anyway it´s a great chilling song and definitely known by everybody in Germany.

The song was released in the early 90´s, so never mind the haircuts and the style of the video ;-)

jetzt bist Du da,
ein Stück Deiner Zukunft dabei
es ist schon lange klar
Du fühlst Dich frei
wenn die Zukunft zur Gegenwart wird
hast Du es getan
das Warten
war es wirklich Dein Plan?
Dann verschwindet die Zeit
darauf Du in ihr
Wolken schlagen Salti
Du bist nicht mehr bei Dir
die Zeit kehrt zurück
und nimmt sich mehr von sich
in ihr bist Du schneller
denn mehr bewegt Dich
Der Moment ist die Tat die Du tust
denn Dein Auge erblickt was Du tust
und erschrickt
vor dem Ding das Du kennst
weil es immer da war
die Musik ist aus…
… und ist immer noch da
hast Du das gewollt
hast Du Angst zu beginnen
doch jetzt ist alles anders
denn wir sind mittendrin
es dreht sich nur um uns
und es ist nichts wie bisher
und dass macht uns zu Brüdern
mit dem Tag am Meer

mit dem Tag am Meer (3x)

du spürst das Gras
hier und da bewegt sich was
es macht Dir Spass
nein es ist nicht nur das
denn nach dem öffnen aller Türen
steht am Ende der Trick des Endes
der Suche durch das Finden im Augenblick
Du atmest ein Du atmest aus
dieser Körper ist Dein Haus
und darin kennst Du Dich aus
Du lebst
Du bist am Leben
und das wird Dir bewußt
ohne nachzudenken
nur aufgrund der eigenen Lebenslust
das Gefühl das Du fühlst
sagt Dir es ist soweit
es ändern sich Zustand
der Raum und die Zeit
der Verstand kehrt zurück
doch Du setzt ihn nicht ein
jeder Schritt neues Land
wird es immer so sein?
Du spürst die Lebensenergie
die durch Dich durchfließt
das Leben wie noch nie in Harmonie
und genießt
es gibt nichts zu verbessern
nichts, was noch besser wär
außer Dir im Jetzt und Hier
und dem Tag am Meer

und dem Tag am Meer

now you are here
a part of your future nearby
it´s clear since a long time
you are feeling free
when the future gets present
you did it
to wait,
was it really your plan?
then time disappears
followed by you
clouds are backflipping
you´re not yourself
time is coming back
and takes more of itself
in it you´re faster
because more is moving you
the moment is the act that you´re doing
twinkle of an eye
because your eye sees what you´re doing
and is scared
of what you know
because it was always there
the music is over…
…and is still there
did you want that
are you afraid of beginning
but now everything is different
because we´re in the middle of it
it´s all about us
and noting is like ever since
and this makes us brothers
with the day at the sea

with the day at the sea (3x)

you feel the gras
here and there something is moving
you think it´s fun
no, it´s not just that
because after opening all doors
in the end is the trick of ending
the search through finding at the moment
you breathe in you breathe out
your body is your home
and you know this place
you´re living
you are alive
and you realize this
without thinking
only of your own lust for life
the feeling that you´re feeling
tells you this is the moment
condition, space and
time are changing
the mind comes back
but you don´t use it
every step is virgin soil
will it ever be like this?
you can feel the energy of life
that flows through you
the life in harmony like never before
and you enjoy
there´s nothing to improve
nothing that would be better
but you, now and here
and the day at the sea

and the day at the sea

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About the Author: jan

My name is Jan and I live in the south west of Germany. My profession is being a project manager at a company that creates digital media (first of all internet related things). This is my job since over a decade so I´m quite familiar with the web and its tools. Whereat today almost every school kid does. But that´s one of the main reasons why nowadays there are quasi no more limits in the internet and so it can be used for all imaginable types of things. For example learning languages! And that´s where we are at the moment. I first got in touch with Transparent Language when my family and I used to live in France a couple of years ago. I just had a break from work and by coincidence I produced some cultural videos in French. A few months later the whole blogging thing came up and I was lucky to be a part of it. So now my (second) job is to feed you with information, exercises, vocabulary, grammar and stories about Germany and German language. For being a passionate videographer I´m trying to do this more and more by videos. If you have any wishes or needs of topics that should be treated here, please don´t hesitate to contact me via a comment field. I´m open to your suggestions (as long as they are not too individual) and will try to satisfy your needs.


  1. Marita:

    Nice groove!

  2. melissa:

    German music is cool when you understand it. Another nice one Geile Zeit by Juli.