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Die königliche Hochzeit – The Royal Wedding Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in Culture, Language

In celebration of the royal wedding, I would like to take the opportunity to give you some vocabulary on that topic.


Before two people sich das Ja-Wort geben (tie the knot) they verloben sich (get engaged). The symbol of the Verlobung (engagement) in the Verlobungsring (engagement ring).

On the Hochzeitstag (wedding day), the two most important people are, of course, the Braut (bride) and the Bräutigam (groom).

People, mostly women, are always very excited about how the bride does look in her Brautkleid (wedding dress). What colour is the dress, does it have a Schleier (veil) and a Schleppe (trail), or not?

Am Tag der Hochzeit (on the day of the wedding) it is important that the groom does not forget to bring the Eheringe (wedding bands) with him. The wedding bands are the symbol of affinity.

Usually the bride wird zum Traualtar geführt (is lead to the altar) by her father.  In Germany you may, of course, have a kirchliche Trauung (church  marriage), but to legalize the marriage you always need to have a standesamtliche Trauung (civil marriage), too. After the Trauung vollzogen ist (wedding is officiated; wedding is solemnized), the Hochzeitsgäste (wedding guests) are looking forward the Hochzeitstorte (wedding cake).

In Germany, it is very common to celebrate Polterabend (eve-of-wedding party). Family members and friends bring along a lot of porcelain, like cups, plates, bowls, and even wash basins and tiles, for example, and smash then on the ground. Then, the furture bridal couple have to sweep up the broken fragments. This rite answers the purpose to banish evil spirits and that the bride an groom will also work together in hard times during there hopefully lifelong lucky marriage.


Now, I would like to know if you watch the royal wedding. Did you like it?



sich das Ja-Wort geben – to tie the knot

sich verloben – get engaged

der Verlobungsring – engagement ring

der Hochzeitstag – wedding day

die Braut – bride

der Bräutigam – groom

das Hochzeitskleid – wedding dress

der (Braut-)Schleier – (bridal) veil

die (Braut-)Schleppe – (bridal) trail

der Ehering – wedding band

jmd. zum Traualtar führen – to sb. To the altar

kirchliche Trauung – church marriage

standesamtliche Trauung . civil marriage

Eine Trauung vollziehen – to officiate a wedding; to solemnize a wedding

der Hochzeitsgast – wedding guest

die Hochzeitstorte – wedding cake

der Polterabend – eve-of-wedding party



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