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I have always loved going to the theater. Due to the global pandemic the arts are currently struggling and the last time I went to the theater was last year. I have devoted this post to all of the vocabulary that you would need when going to the theater (or even being in a Theaterstück).

The Types of Plays

das Musical                                                the musical

die Oper                                                    the opera

das Theaterstück                                  the play

die Komödie                                           the comedy

die Tragödie                                             the tragedy

das Improvisationstheater                the improvisational theater

On Stage

die Bühne                                                     the stage

der Vorhang                                                   the curtain

die Kulisse                                                       the set

das Bühnenbild                                           the scene

die Bühnenanweisungen                         the stage directions

Bühne rechts                                                   stage right

Bühne links                                                   stage left

der Schauspieler                                           the actor

die Schauspielerinn                                   the actress

der Charakter                                               the character

die Hauptrolle                                              the main part


The Audience

der Sitzplatz                                                     the seat

die Reihe                                                           the row

das Publikum                                                     the audience

die Theaterkarte                                               the theatre ticket

der Applaus                                                         the applause

die Pause                                                           the interval



hinter den Kulissen                                          backstage

der Regisseur                                                    the director

die Maskenbildner                                            the makeup artist (male)

die Maskenbildnerin                                        the makeup artist (female)

das Kostüm                                                        the costume

die Theaterbeleuchtung                                the lighting

die Probe                                                            the rehearsal

die Generalprobe                                            the dress rehearsal



One of the most well-known theater pieces in Germany is Passionstheater (passion theater), held in Oberammergau every 10 years.

A passion play depicts the trial and fall of Jesus Christ. The history dates back to 400 years ago where 80 people died in Oberammergau from the plague. Die Passionspiele (the passion play) were created to plea God for help and the first play was introduced in 1634. It was agreed that the play would be performed every 10 years. It was meant to be shown this year in 2020, but due to the global pandemic it will be held in 2021 instead.


What is your favorite type of theater? Let me know in the comments below if you are missing theater just as much as I am!


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