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What’s Your Star Sign In German? Posted by on Sep 14, 2018

Guten Tag! Whether die Astrologie (astrology) interests them or not, most people are aware of what their Sternzeichen (star sign) is. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at the star signs in German! In German, the term das Sternzeichen literally translates to ‘star sign’, but another word for it is das Tierkreiszeichen, which translates to…

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How to describe your bike in German Posted by on Sep 4, 2018

Servus, one of the things I love most about living in Munich is that there are cycle paths everywhere. I find cycling so much quicker than taking the bus or the U bahn, and it gives you some fresh air and exercise too! One thing that might get annoying is when your bicycle breaks (I…

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Making Mistakes In German Posted by on Mar 7, 2018

Guten Tag! Today’s post is about mistakes. Sometimes we are aware that we might be saying something incorrectly in German, like muddling up words that sound similar but have different meanings. What we are not so aware of is what we are actually saying when we do this – which can lead to us feeling…

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German Comparatives And Superlatives Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Guten Tag! Today I’m going to show you some comparatives and superlatives in German. What are these? For example, instead of saying “He is fast” you might want to know how to say “He is faster” (the comparative) or “He is the fastest” (the superlative), and then also know how to do the same with…

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9 Uses For The German Word Scharf Posted by on Jul 12, 2017

Sometimes the smallest, simplest of German words can surprise with a multitude of meanings. It’s useful to look at these kinds of words in more detail, so that they don’t confuse so much when read or heard in real life. Today the German word we’re going to look at in more detail is the adjective…

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Express Yourself In German With These Adjectives Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

Guten Tag! I’m here with what I hope will be another practical, useful post for you all! First, a question: Do you ever speak or write in German only to find yourself using the same words over and over again? Is everything good always ‘gut’ and everything bad always ‘schlecht’? Does it ever frustrate you…

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The German Word ‘Los’ Posted by on Dec 14, 2016

Guten Tag! There are many ‘little’ German words that often interest language learners, and have them asking questions. Why? Because some of these ‘little words’ have different meanings, or can be used either on their own or as part of other words. For this reason they are often confusing at first, which is why, when…

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