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German Sayings + Expressions 26: Geister! Posted by on Oct 31, 2019

Finally, Halloween is here! But do you want to use some ghostly sayings and expressions? Then you’re in the right place! Where I looked at the word Geist last week, we now use it in a Sprichwort (saying) and an Ausdruck (expression). Let’s go! For older posts, please follow this link. Der Geist ist willig, aber das Fleisch ist schwach Literally: The spirit…

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The Curiosity of the German Word “Geist” Posted by on Oct 25, 2019

In Spuktober (Spooktober – we don’t actually say that in Germany, but I guess I’ll go with it anyway), you hear all kinds of Halloween-related words. Also in Germany! Yet there is one specific word in Germany that is kind of curious – let’s have a closer look at the word Geist. Click here for previous entries in…

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Witches In Germany’s Harz Mountains Posted by on Oct 29, 2018

Guten Tag! Recently I gave you the creepy story of Walpurga Hausmannin, one of Germany’s most famous witches from the 16th Century. In today’s post we’ll continue on the witch theme by talking about a place in Germany that is famous for its association with witchcraft. To get to this place you need to visit…

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Germany’s Most Famous Witch Posted by on Oct 17, 2018

Guten Tag and Happy Hallowe’en! OK, so we’re a bit early, but to prepare for the most gruselig (creepy) time of year, I’ll be bringing you a few posts related to some of the spookier aspects of Germany & German history. Today I am bringing you the story of Walpurga Hausmännin – one of Germany’s…

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German Quiz: Halloween, Oktoberfest and Emotions Posted by on Nov 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to another quiz! I hope you’ve been reading the last few posts as this quiz is about Halloween, Oktoberfest and an older post about expressing Emotions. If you want to refresh your memory before taking the quiz, you can read about the topics here, here and here. Good luck! Richtig oder Falsch?…

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Halloween Vocabulary in German Posted by on Oct 17, 2017

Halloween is just round the corner where everyone gets to dress up and eat their weight in candy. Although Halloween originates from a celtic festival (which is now where Ireland is), Halloween is celebrated all around the world – even in Germany! Here are some keywords to help you get into the Halloween spirit in…

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German Vocabulary For Autumn Posted by on Sep 28, 2016

Hallo! As my favourite season is upon is (Herbst – autumn) I decided there would be nothing better than a little post on all things Herbst in German.     Herbstwetter (autumn weather) is beautiful. It’s kühl (cool) outside, often windig (windy) but nevertheless nice and sonnig (sunny). At times it can be rather regnerisch…

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