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Zuhause, zu Hause, Haus… What’s The Difference? Posted by on Feb 24, 2021

what's the difference

Guten Tag! Recently we have been talking on here about the home: das Zuhause. Or is it zuhause? Or zu Hause? Or even… das Haus? Heimat? Daheim?? What’s the difference?? If this topic confuses you, you’re not alone! In this post I will try to clear up the confusion surrounding all these different ways of…

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The German Staycation Posted by on May 27, 2020

Guten Tag! I hope you’re all well and staying safe during the pandemic (die Pandemie). Here in the UK, restrictions are gradually being eased and, as a result, people have been flocking to the beaches to enjoy the sunny weather. But many are uncomfortable with the amount of people in those public places and are…

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The German Heimat Posted by on Apr 4, 2018

The concept of Heimat is often referred to as a uniquely German concept that cannot be adequately translated – even though it seems like a fairly straight-forward word. On first glance, you see the word das Heim (home) in there, and although Heimat does mean home, this word talks about quite a different concept of…

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