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Check out this delicious German treat! Posted by on Mar 28, 2017

I bet you have not heard of this German treat! It is delicious, sweet shortbread filled with marzipan, but it was not always like that… So, before 1876, the Leipziger Lerche was a popular specialty enjoyed all over the world – from Spanien (Spain) to Russland (Russia). It was a Lerche (lark), which was filled with all kinds of Gewürze (spices) and Kräuter (herbs). These were roasted…

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Rumspringa With Pennsylvania German Posted by on Aug 5, 2015

It was some years ago when watching a documentary on Amish teenagers that I heard the word Rumspringa for the first time. But that sounds like a Bavarian word!, I thought. At this time I knew nothing about the Amish, let alone their German roots. Everyone knows that German is spoken in Germany and Austria…

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