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Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe in German Posted by on Nov 26, 2019

After writing my last post about the world’s largest pumpkin festival (which you can find here), I’ve decided to carry on the pumpkin theme and give you an easy pumpkin soup recipe to try out! Perfect for the colder months and it is very easy to make. Give it a try in German and if…

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German Vocabulary for Politics Posted by on May 28, 2019

Last week Europe took part in the Europa Wahl (european elections). The elections are every five years and this year an important topic for the voters was deciding which party will do the most against Klimawandel (climate change). Here’s a vocabulary list to help you with all the political words in German!   die Wahl …

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Answers to the reading comprehension – Der Herbst ist da! Posted by on Oct 16, 2012

These are the answers to the reading comprehension that I posted a couple of days ago: 1. What did the leaves do before they left their trees? Sie haben sich verfärbt. 2. What is the landscape dominated of? Die Landschaft ist von gelben Stoppelfeldern und bunten Wäldern geprägt. 3. What can you see in the…

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Reading comprehension – Der Herbst ist da! Posted by on Oct 14, 2012

Today I want to do a little reading comprehension with you. Read the following text and answer the questions afterwards. Try to frame your answers in German. If this is too hard, English will do as well. Use the comment field for your answers. Der Herbst ist da! Vor ein paar Tagen gab es den…

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