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German Vocabulary for Politics Posted by on May 28, 2019 in Language

Last week Europe took part in the Europa Wahl (european elections). The elections are every five years and this year an important topic for the voters was deciding which party will do the most against Klimawandel (climate change). Here’s a vocabulary list to help you with all the political words in German!


die Wahl                                           election (can also mean “choice”)

Europa                                             Europe

der Klimawandel                         climate change

wählen                                            to vote

das Wahllokal                             the polling station

der Wahlhelfer                           the election helper

die Partei                                      the party

konservativ                                conservative

links                                               left

rechts                                            right

liberal                                          liberal

demokratisch                           democratic

das Referendum                      the referendum/poll/vote

das Ergebnis                             the result

die Wiederwahl                        the re-election

der Wahlsieger                         the election winner

der Wahlverlierer                    the election loser

der Premierminister               the prime minister

die Politik                                  politics

der Politiker                              the politician

Anonym                                     anonymous


Die Parteien in Deutschland

The Parties in Germany









Here in Germany there was a 26 year old Youtuber who posted a 55 minute video explaining why you should not vote for the CDU/CSU. This was because of their lack of engagement against climate change and use of coal instead of renewable energy. The CDU/CSU votes dropped massively – however they are still in the lead. The Youtuber has gotten over 12 million views in his one video that he posted a week ago. Incase you want to search it yourself, his name is “Rezo”. He speaks German very quickly so it is also a challenge to keep up! His one hour video is backed up with a lot of Quellen (sources) and evidence to what he is saying.

I hope you found this post helpful to learn some keywords for a political conversation in German!

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  1. Charles W. Pfeiffer:

    Hello Larissa,
    Thank you for today’s column. I think a couple things might improve the presentation. 1. when listing vocabulary always include the article with a noun. For example, today you listed, Wahl. It would have been better to list it as die Wahl. With the other nouns you did include the article, except for Klimawandel. The article is essential.
    Also, keep the distinction between nouns and adjectives with proper capitalization. To make a list of nouns and adjectives all capitalized is not helpful at all.
    Keep up the good work.
    Charlie Pfeiffer

    • Larissa:

      @Charles W. Pfeiffer Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your comment! An update has been made.