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German School & Childcare Names Posted by on Sep 16, 2020

Guten Tag! As schools are starting up again, I thought it’d be good to give you a run-down of words used in the German school and childcare system. I hope you find this list useful, and that it will clear up any confusion you may have around some of the names (for example: what’s the…

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Back To School! German Vocabulary Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

Guten Tag! September represents the start of a new Schuljahr (school year). Do you remember how you felt at this time? Perhaps you felt die Aufregung (excitement) at seeing your friends again, or die Angst (fear) at going somewhere new? In this post I’ll give you all the vocabulary you need to paint the picture…

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School Life in Germany Posted by on May 14, 2012

In one of my last posts I already wrote about school life in the former GDR but how does it look like nowadays? It has been quite a while that I attended school and I am sure that many things have changed since then but others might still remain the same. For example, some years…

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