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German Idioms 33: Procrastination Posted by on Dec 29, 2021

procrastination German Idioms

It’s the holiday time, and we’re nearing Silvester (NYE), and a new year! And I have to say: the lazy holiday days are not the most motivating to sit down at your computer and write a post. But we tell ourselves to do the important things first, or to not procrastinate. So here we are! We have…

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German Sayings + Expressions 27: Feeling Old Posted by on Jan 9, 2020

It’s 2020! Finally, a new Jahrzent (decade) – but for a lot of people that second 2 in the year gives them a feeling of being… old. Perhaps rightfully so. The Mauerfall (Fall of the Berlin Wall), which sparked German reunification? Almost 31 years ago! The end of the Zweiter Weltkrieg (Second World War)? 75 years this…

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German Sayings + Expressions 25: Cooking Dangerously Posted by on Sep 12, 2019

Germans like kochen (to cook). However, sometimes you have to be carefully what, or more aptly, who you cook! And there are Sprichwörter (sayings) and Ausdrücke (expressions) for this in German, of course. Let’s have a look! For older posts, please follow this link. We’re doing it differently today – we begin with the Ausdruck (expression)! Jemanden zum Kochen…

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German Sayings + Expressions 21: Where is the Snow? Posted by on Mar 8, 2019

Welcome to the first Sayings + Expressions of 2019! February here in Germany has been an absolutely weird month. Whereas it is normally April (April macht was er will!) that has the surprising weather, February had strangely high temperatures. It is March now, and the sun is out – it is beautiful here in Germany!…

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Sayings + Expressions 14 – Money II (+ Time) Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

Today, as promised, we will talk about money again. Making money is what you probably do on a Montag (Monday) anyway. But it is also Monday, the international day for mourning the end of the weekend. So, I thought, let’s take the bitter out of that bittersweet feeling, and include time in today’s post. Time…

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Sayings + Expressions 13 – Money I Posted by on Jun 9, 2017

Money. Something so universally present in our lives that, of course, there are many sayings and expressions about it. Also in German. Today, we explore a Sprichwort (saying) and an Ausdruck (expression) concerning Geld (money). Because there are so many, we will explore money and time related ones on Monday. For today, let’s begin with the Sprichwort! Geld regiert die Welt Money rules the…

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