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Greek expressions and idioms: to break Posted by on Mar 31, 2015

One of the most common verbs is the verb χαλάω (to break, to break down, to spoil, etc.). Below there are some examples of its use and meanings. 1. To break / to break down Μη χαλάσεις το τάμπλετ σου γιατί δεν έχουμε λεφτά να πάρουμε άλλο. Don’t break your tablet  because we cannot afford another…

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Happy Independence Day! Posted by on Mar 24, 2015

On the 25th of March we celebrate the Independence Day, i.e. the revolution of the Greeks against the Turks in 1821. This post is not about the historical facts, there are just some information about the way we celebrate, about kalamatianos, the famous Greek dance, and about the traditional foods we eat. Freedom or Death…

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Describe your mood in Greek Posted by on Mar 16, 2015

One of my posts was about Geek idiomatic expressions related to feelings and mood. This post is about “mainstream” expressions that we use in order to express our feelings. We use the verb είμαι (to be) with a masculine or feminine adjective but sometimes we use a verb. In this case, the verb είμαι cannot…

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Escaping to Greece Posted by on Mar 5, 2015

For some of us this winter has been overwhelming and although it is March, spring is not in the air yet. Therefore, it is a very good moment to have a touch of Greece by watching a video about Lemnos (Λήμνος), an island in the Northern Aegean. If you are intermediate students of Greek, you…

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