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Untangling the Greek personal pronouns 2 Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Γεια σας! Thank you all for your comments about my last post (Read a short story in Greek) on our Facebook page. Today this post is about grammar. A few weeks ago, we saw the use of the personal pronouns. Now we will see the use of the strong types of the personal pronouns. As…

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Read a short story in Greek Posted by on Jul 17, 2017

Sometimes, it is difficult to find recorded Greek short stories translated in English. In this post, there is a short story I have written and recorded. Each phrase is translated in English. The language and the plot are very simple, so the story can be also read by beginners. If you like reading in original…

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Common Greek compound nouns Posted by on Jul 12, 2017

The Greek compound words are used very frequently. In an older post there was a list of compound verbs. In this post, there are two lists of words composed by the nouns σπίτι (house) and άνθρωπος (man) and another noun or adjective. σπίτι κουκλόσπιτο [κούκλα (doll) + σπίτι]: dollhouse Η Νεφέλη πήρε για τα γενέθλιά…

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Greek diphthongs: pronunciation Posted by on Jul 5, 2017

Some learners find it difficult to pronounce the Greek diphthongs. In this post, there are examples on the pronunciation of the diphthongs ει, οι and αι. They are pronounced as one sound unless the first letter is stressed or if there are two dots or one stress and two dots over the second vowel. ει…

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