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Greek quiz: How good you are in slang? Posted by on Feb 19, 2019 in Vocabulary

Γεια σας! Most people like learning slang words because they are funny. If you want to test how good you are in Greek slang or if you want to learn new vocabulary, you can do the following quiz. Please, note that although the words are relatively “standard”, the content of this article might be offensive.


kirkandmimi via Pixabay


What is the meaning of the following words?

#1. ψείρας

a. dirty

b. pedantic

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. It comes from ψείρα, which means “louse”.

#2. τζώρας

a. brave

b. stubborn

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is b. Τζώρας is someone who is stubborn and doesn’t listen to the others’ opinion.

#3. γκαντέμης

a. unlucky

b. sad

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. Γκαντέμης (masc.) / Γκαντέμω (fem.) is someone who has no luck or who brings bad luck to others.

#4. σκάω μύτη

a. to fall

b. to appear

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is b. Σκάω means to come into view (metaphorically) and μύτη means nose.

#5. γκαζοφονιάς

a. a person who drives extremely fast.

b. a person who sniffs flammable gas.

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. Γκάζι means accelerator pedal and φονιάς means killer. Γκαζοφονιάς is someone who drives too fast in order to show off.

#6. τα σπάει

a. he, she, it rocks

b. he, she, it broke up with someone.

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. Σπάω means to break. We use this expression when we talk about someone or something (a film, a song etc) very good and impressive.

#7. έπαθα κοκομπλόκο

a. I am totally confused

b. Someone blocked me on the social media.

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. Κοκομπλόκο comes from English and we use it to mean that we are in confusion.

#8. τώρα που γυρίζει

a. too many cooks spoil the broth

b. strike while the iron is hot

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is b. Τώρα που γυρίζει is an expression related to gambling and especially to roulette. It means “now that it is turning”, now it is the right moment to do something and there will be no other chance.

#9. στουκάρω

a. to bump

b. to park

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is a. The origin of στουκάρω is the German Stuka.

#10. το ΄χω

a. I am rich.

b. I am very good at something.

Σωστή απάντηση

The correct answer is b. Literally it means “I have it” (το έχω -> το ‘χω)

#11. γκλαμουριά

a. laziness

b. luxury

Σωστή απάντηση

From “glamour”. The correct answer is b. Sometimes it is used ironically.

#12. θεός / θεά

a. very beautiful

b. very religious

Σωστή απάντηση

Θεός / θεά mean god / goddess. We use these words to mean “gorgeous”.

I hope you enjoyed the words. If you are not sure about how to use slang terms, it is better to avoid them.




stux via Pixabay


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Ourania lives in Athens. She holds a degree in French Literature and a Master’s degree in Special Education for Children. Since 2008, she has been teaching Greek to foreigners.