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Greek words: expensive, punctual,exactly Posted by on Dec 26, 2018 in Grammar, Vocabulary

Γεια σας!If you are on holidays and have free time to study Greek, this post is for you: today, I have some information about the words ακριβός, ακριβώς and ακριβής which give students a hard time. However, explanation is not enough, so it would be good to try to put them in sentences and ask your instructor or friend for feedback.


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#1.ακριβός, ακριβή, ακριβό: expensive. It is an adjective, so the ending can change.


Γιατί αγόρασες τα ακριβά παπούτσια; Why did you buy the expensive shoes?

Η ζακέτα της είναι ακριβή. Her cardigan is expensive.

O καφές είναι ακριβός. The coffee is expensive.


#2.ακριβά: expensively. It is an adverb, so its form never changes. Adverbs modify verbs and adjectives.


Αυτό το γεύμα κόστισε ακριβά. / This meal cost a lot of money.

In this case, ακριβά is not an adjective because it refers to the verb κόστισε.


#3.ακριβώς: exactly, precisely. It is an adverb.


Αυτό ακριβώς είπα κι εγώ. / That’s exactly what I said.

Μένει κάπου στο κέντρο. Δεν ξέρω πού ακριβώς. / She lives somewhere downtown. I don’t know exactly where.


#4.ακριβής, ακριβής, ακριβές: precise, punctual. It is an adjective, so the ending can change.

Ο Νάσος είναι πάντα ακριβής. Δεν αργεί ποτέ. / Nasos is always punctual. He is never late.

Το ακριβές ποσό είναι 32 ευρώ και 3 λεπτά. / The exact amount is 23 euros and 3 cents.

Χάθηκα γιατί δεν μου έδωσαν ακριβείς οδηγίες. / I lost my way because I was not given accurate directions.

You can see the declension here:




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