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Proverbs, Sayings Posted by on Mar 28, 2012 in Culture

Today I will show to you some of our proverbs. There are way too many and I had a hard time to choose some. Some of them you already have in your language, maybe little different. So, here we are…

  • Άλλαξε ο Μανωλίος κι έβαλε τα ρούχα του αλλιώς.

Manolios(a name) changed. He turned his clothes inside-out.

Meaning that a person never changes character.


  • Αμα δεν έχεις νύχια να ξυστείς μην περιμένεις να σε ξύσουν.

If you don’t have nails to scratch yourself, don’t wait from others to do it.

Meaning, you should not base to other people.


  • Μάτια που δεν βλέπονται, γρήγορα λησμονιούνται.

Eyes not occasionally seen, are quickly forgotten.

  • Ο έρως χρόνια δεν κοιτά.

  Love doesn’t consider the age.

  • Αγάπη δίχως πείσματα δεν έχει νοστιμάδα.

 Love without tantrums is tasteless


  • Από πίτα που δεν τρως, τι σε νοιάζει κι αν καεί.

From a pie that you don’t eat why you care if it is burned?


  • Πέσε πίτα να σε φάω.

Pie come down to eat you.

To indicate laziness.


  • Δουλειά δεν είχε ο διάολος γαμούσε τα παιδιά του.

Devil had nothing to do and he was f@#@ his children.

When you are so bored and you do meaningless things in order to fill your time.


  • Όποιος νύχτα περπατεί, λάσπες και σκατά πατεί.

He, who walks out at night, steps on mag and shit.


  • Όπως έστρωσες, έτσι θα κοιμηθείς.

The way you made your bed, you will sleep.

Meaning that you will face the consequences of your actions.


  • Δεν υπάρχει καπνός χωρίς φωτιά.

There is no smoke without a fire.

  • Ο ψεύτης και ο κλέφτης τον πρώτο χρόνο χαίρονται.

The liar and the thief, enjoy only the first year

Soon or later they will be caught


  • Από μικρό κι από τρελό μαθαίνεις την αλήθεια.

From a child or a crazy you can find out the truth.


  • Στου κουφού την πόρτα, όσο θέλεις βρόντα.

You can knock as long as you want the door of the deaf


  • Το ‘να χέρι νίβει τ’άλλο και τα δυο το πρόσωπο.

The one hand rub the other and both the face.

To indicate the team work


  • Εδώ ο κόσμος χάνεται και το μουνί χτενίζεται.

The world is burning and the p@@sy is combing.

When somebody has no sense of  the reality


  • Θα φάει η μύγα σίδερο και το κουνούπι ατσάλι.

Fly will eat iron and mosquito steel.

To indicate anger.


  • Το σιγανό ποτάμι να φοβάσαι

Be afraid of the peaceful river.

If somebody looks innocent, that doesn’t mean that he really is.


  • Τα ράσα δεν κάνουν τον παπά.

The clothing of the priest don’t make him a priest.


  • Μάθε τέχνη κι άσ’ τηνε κι άμα πεινάσεις πιάσ’ τηνε

Learn a job and leave it ; when you are hungry start it again.

Meaning to take care of your future. You don’t know what will come.


  • Ο λόγος σου με χόρτασε και τα ψωμί μου φά’ το.

Your words have made me full; you can eat my bread.

When somebody doesn’t do what he has says.

  • Η σιωπή είναι χρυσός.

Silence is gold.


  • Όποιος δεν έχει μυαλό, έχει πόδια.

He, who don’t have brain, has legs.

This refers usually to people who forget something and have to make the double effort.


  • Αν δεν βρέξεις κώλο, ψάρια δεν τρως.

If you don’t make your butt  wet, you will eat no fish.

Refers to the efforts that somebody has to do in order to achieve something.


  • Αν ήταν το βιολί ψωλή, θα το παίζανε πολλοί.

If a violin was a penis, everybody would play with it.

This is when something looks very easy to you but is actually not.




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  1. Fiona:

    Thanks for this post!

    Here are some corrections to the English translations – if you are interested:

    If you don’t have nails to scratch yourself, don’t wait for others to do it for you.

    Love without tantrums is flavourless (or lacks flavour).
    [I think the proverb means that love without arguments is not interesting. Tasteless means more tacky, cheap, something undesirable.]

    From a pie that you don’t eat why do you care if it is burned?
    (What do you care if a pie you don’t eat is burned?)

    He, who walks out at night, steps on mag(mud?) and shit.

    The way you made your bed, you will sleep.
    (The english equivalentproverb is “You made your bed, now sleep (/lie) in it”

    You can knock as long as you want at the door of the deaf

    One hand rubs the other and both rub the face.

    Silence is golden

    He, who doesn’t have a brain, has legs.

    • Ourania:

      @Fiona Thank you!

  2. Irene:

    I would like to know what exactly the following proverbs mean:
    – Κρασί σε πίνω για καλό και συ με πας στο βράχο.
    The meaning and the translation
    Thanks in advance

  3. Vas:

    Irene…..Wine I drink you for a good cause and you lead me to the rocks……ie you will destroy me.