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Summer expressions in Greek Posted by on Jun 4, 2020 in Uncategorized

 Even though it’s raining everyday, the summer is here in Greece ! Ice cream season has started, swimming season has started, and we all try to find some time to hit the beach and take some sun! So, along with the summer, the heat and the sun come some expressions which are very frequent but sometimes really difficult to understand. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Φωτογραφία από Roland Rosenbauer από το Pixabay


  • Κάνει ζέστη!= (the obvious) It’s hot!
  • Έχει καύσωνα!= There’s a heatwave!
  • Σκάω από τη ζέστη! = It’s so hot, I’ll burst!
  • Έλιωσα από τη ζέστη! = It’s so hot, I feel as if I’m melting!
  • Θέλω παγωτό!= I want an ice cream!
  • Σκάνε και τα τζιτζίκια!= Even the cicadas are bursting!
  • Σκάει και ο τζίτζικας!= Even the cicada is bursting!
  • Ο ήλιος καίει καυτός!= The sun is burning hot! (How much more emphasis do you want?)
  • Το νερό είναι μπούζι!= The water is very cold! (Yes, this can happen at this time of the year!)
  • Δεν κουνιέται φύλλο!=  There’s no wind, even to move a single leaf!
  • Έχει άπνοια.= There’s no wind at all.
  • Πρόσεξε μην πάθεις θερμοπληξία!=  Be careful not to have a heatstroke!
  • Πάμε για μπάνιο;= Shall we go to the beach to swim?
  • Κοράκιασα!= I’m so thirsty! (slang)
  • Έσκασα! / Σκάσαμε!= I / We feel unbearably hot!
  • Να βρεις καμιά σκιά!= Find a shady place!
  • Να κάτσεις στη δροσιά!=  Stay in a cool place!


So, these are some of the most frequent expressions we can hear in the summer, when it’s very hot and sunny in our beautiful, Mediterranean country, where the sun is burning bright and yellow and the clear blue sea paints the sky this unique shade of blue that we call γαλάζιο ή γαλανό.

Καλό καλοκαίρι!


Φωτογραφία από Manfred Richter από το Pixabay


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About the Author: Ourania

Ourania lives in Athens. She holds a degree in French Literature and a Master’s degree in Special Education for Children. Since 2008, she has been teaching Greek to foreigners.


  1. Alexandra:

    Καλό καλοκαίρι, Ράνια! 🙂
    Can I say Έχει ζέστη as well?

    • Ourania:

      @Alexandra Ναι, βεβαίως!
      Σήμερα έχει ζέστη / Σήμερα δεν έχει πολλή ζέστη / Σήμερα έχει αρκετή ζέστη κλπ. 🙂

  2. Alexandra:

    Ωραία! Ευχαριστώ πολύ, Ράνια.
    And…yes, there is a unique shade of blue, Greek blue!
    “Αν ο Θεός δεν είναι Έλληνας, γιατί είναι γαλάζιος ο ουρανός;” asked a Greek boy at school. 🙂

    • Ourania:

      @Alexandra Πολύ ωραία ερώτηση.
      Ευχαριστώ, Αλεξάνδρα!