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Greek vocabulary quiz for all levels Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

Summer will end up in a couple of weeks, so it’s time to review the vocabulary. This time, the quiz has three sections: questions 1-8 are for beginners, 9-16 for intermediate students and 17-24 for advanced students. All you have to do is to choose the word that has a similar meaning to the word…

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Quiz on Greek food Posted by on May 11, 2016

In this post there is a quiz related to Greek food. If you like Greek food and you are familiar to it, you might find this quiz interesting! 1. Which of the following is not suitable for vegans? a. ιμάμ μπαϊλντί (imam baildi) b. μουσακάς (mousakas) c. φασολάκια (fasolakia)   2. What is the main…

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How well do you know Greece? Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

Have you ever been to Greece? Is it a place that you know well? Do this quiz to find out. 1. If you want to visit the White Tower (Λευκός Πύργος) you should go to: a. Athens (Αθήνα) b. Heraklion (Ηράκλειο) C. Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη) 2. A woman is not allowed to visit: a. The Penninsula…

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Greek vocabulary for car lovers Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

Γεια σας! This post is on terms related to cars. Car lovers might find it useful. αυτοκίνητο (το): car όχημα (το): vehicle Ο Γιάννης έχει ένα μπλε αυτοκίνητο. / Yannis has a blue car. When we state the brand, we use the article μία or ένα. O Γιάννης οδηγεί μία BMW, μία Mercedes, ένα Toyota…

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