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Use of much, many and very in Greek Posted by on Nov 27, 2017

The word πολύς, πολλή, πολύ is an adjective.It has three genders, plural, singular and cases. It can be translated as much, many or a lot of.     Επίθετο (adjective) Έχω πολλά χρήματα. I have much money. Θέλω πολλή μπίρα.  I want much beer. Πίνουν πολύ κρασί. They drink much wine. Ήπιαν πολλούς καφέδες. They…

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Quiz: Adverbs of quantity Posted by on May 20, 2015

Quantity is very important and in our everyday life we always say how much we like X, how cold or hot something is, how much time we need to accomplish a task, etc. If you want to test your knowledge on the Greek adverbs of quantity, you can do the following quiz. It is apporiate to…

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