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Quiz: Adverbs of quantity Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Quizzes, Vocabulary

by 2bmolar under a CC license on Flickr

by 2bmolar under a CC license on Flickr

Quantity is very important and in our everyday life we always say how much we like X, how cold or hot something is, how much time we need to accomplish a task, etc. If you want to test your knowledge on the Greek adverbs of quantity, you can do the following quiz. It is apporiate to A2 level students. If you need to review first, you can read this post: http:/

For questions 1-10 choose the English translation of the Greek sentence. You can find the answer key on the pdf.


Καλή τύχη!


1. Στο πάρτι ήταν σχεδόν εκατό άτομα.
a. There were almost 100 people at the party. b. There were more than 100 people at the party.
2. Δεν κοιμήθηκα καθόλου χθες.
a. I didn’t sleep much last night. b. I didn’t sleep at all last night
3. Είναι τόσο έξυπνος!
a. He’s really clever! b. He’s so clever!
4. Χρειαζόμαστε τουλάχιστον διακόσια ευρώ.
a. We need less than 200 euros. b. We need at least 200 euros.
5. Θα σε ξαναπάρω σε μία ώρα περίπου.
a. I will call you in about an hour. b. I will call you at one o’clock, more or less.
6. Σήμερα κάνει περισσότερο κρύο από χθες.
a. Today is less cold than yesterday. b. Today is colder than yesterday.
7. Πάρε όσο καφέ θέλεις.
a. Have as much coffee as you like. b. Have more coffee, if you like.
8. Είμαι λίγο κουρασμένη.
a. I’m a bit tired. b. I’m so tired.
9. Το σπίτι τους είναι αρκετά μεγάλο.
a. Their house is big enough. b. Their house is too big.
10. Έχασα πέντε κιλά πάνω-κάτω.
a. I’ve lost more than five kilos. b. I’ve lost approximately five kilos.



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  1. Helena:

    Nice quiz.
    Thank you!

  2. Tereza:


    very nice quiz, however, should not be no.8 a? according to the answers its b….

    anyway, thanks!


    • Ourania:

      @Tereza Yes! Thank you, Tereza! I have updated the pdf.

  3. blake More:

    This quis is great. Keep up the good work.

  4. Tom:

    Μου αρέσει παρα πολυ το blog σασ! Ηθελα να ξερω αν εισαστε διαθέσιμη για κανω μαθιμα με σενα. Μενω εδώ στην Αθηνα.

    My Greek spelling is terrible but hope you understand! Please let me know if you are available for tutoring.