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Weights and Measures in Greek Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in Vocabulary

Da4Sal under a CC license on Flickr

Da4Sal under a CC license on Flickr

In Greece, we follow the Metric System for weights and measures. It refers to the units we use in order to measure distance, length and speed, weight, volume and areas, as well as any other set of units used to specify anything that we can measure. Internationally, we often use as units of measurement the names of the scientists that contributed to their respective fields, as for example, for energy, power and pressure, so there is no difference between languages for these measures. However, this is not always the case. Although the Metric system is the official European system of measurement, it is different to the one followed in the US and UK. This may complicate the learning of the language for many, especially students overseas as well as English speaking tourists that visit the country, as they must master not only the new word but also understand the relationship or measurement expressed by it. So, as the tourist season is ripe, this is a good opportunity to revise the basic words that express measures in Greek.

Μέτρα και σταθμά = Weights and measures


η μέτρηση = measurement

το βάρος = weight

το χιλιοστόγραμμο = milligram

το γραμμάριο = gram

το χιλιόγραμμο / το κιλό = kilogram

η μάζα = mass

η ουγκιά = ounce

η λίβρα = pound

η θερμοκρασία = temperature

ο βαθμός = degree

Φαρενάιτ = Fahrenheit

Κελσίου = Celsius

κελσίου = centigrade

σημείο βρασμού = boiling point

σημείο ψύξης = freezing point


ο όγκος = volume

το κυβικό εκατοστό = cubic centimeter

το κυβικό μέτρο = cubic meter

το λίτρο = liter

το χιλιοστόλιτρο = milliliter

η πίντα = pint

το γαλόνι = gallon


το μήκος = length

η απόσταση = distance

το χιλιοστόμετρο = millimeter

το εκατοστό = centimeter

το μέτρο = meter

το χιλιόμετρο = kilometer

η ίντσα = inch

το πόδι = foot

η γιάρδα = yard

το μίλι = mile


η έκταση = area

το τετραγωνικό εκατοστό = square centimeter

το τετραγωνικό μέτρο = square meter

το τετραγωνικό χιλιόμετρο = square kilometer


ο χρόνος = time

το δευτερόλεπτο (to defterolepto) = second

το λεπτό (to lepto) = minute

η ώρα (ee ora) = hour

η μέρα (ee mera) = day

η εβδομάδα (ee evdomada) = week

ο μήνας (o meenas) = month

το έτος / ο χρόνος (to etos / o hronos) = year


η ταχύτητα (ee taheeteeta) = speed

μέτρα ανά δευτερόλεπτο (metra ana defterolepto) = meters per second

χιλιόμετρα ανά ώρα (hiliometra ana ora) = kilometers per hour


sfllaw under a CC license on Flickr

sfllaw under a CC license on Flickr

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