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Hebrew Nouns` Gender: How to Distinguish Feminine from Masculine Posted by on Jan 31, 2016

Unlike English, Hebrew belongs to the group of languages that have grammatical gender. The predicate in Hebrew conjugate according to the gender of the subject, which makes the gender of the nouns matters as much as the gender of the pronouns. The subject in Hebrew is divided into masculine and feminine. There is nothing male…

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Winter Has Come in Israel! Posted by on Jan 6, 2016

When the days get shorter and the winds get stronger, winter (חֹורֶף) is just around the corner. Passers-by bundled in their coats (מְעִילׅים), clouds become dull, windows light up and everyone expects the first rain (יוֺרֶה). Only after the יוֺרֶה rinses the pavement and the puddles (שְׁלוּלִיּוֺת) mottle the streets, it feels like חֹורֶף has…

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