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Winter Has Come in Israel! Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Photo by Ayana

Photo by Ayana

When the days get shorter and the winds get stronger, winter (חֹורֶף) is just around the corner. Passers-by bundled in their coats (מְעִילׅים), clouds become dull, windows light up and everyone expects the first rain (יוֺרֶה). Only after the יוֺרֶה rinses the pavement and the puddles (שְׁלוּלִיּוֺת) mottle the streets, it feels like חֹורֶף has truly came.

And here are some ideas how to celebrate the חֹורֶף :

1) No matter how old you are it is still an inexplicable pleasure to put your boots on, wear your מְעִילׅים, and go out. Bounce in the rain (גֶּשֶׁם) and stomp in the שְׁלוּלִיּוֺת like a kid.

2) Visit Azriely Observatory – the highest observatory in the Middle East. From the 49th floor of Azriely Tower in the center of Tel-Aviv you can overlook the city that never sleeps washed by the גֶּשֶׁם.  It costs only 22 NIS for a day ticket and beside the view it also includes information about Tel-Aviv history. After enjoying the view of Tel-Aviv, you can go shopping in Azriely mall.


3) If you are not able to visit Israel this חֹורֶף you can still relish this amazing video clip of חֹורֶף 2012. Approximately seven minutes of astonishing  photographs show different Israeli locations, from the north to the south. Can you recognize some of them?


4) If you wish to enjoy the גֶּשֶׁם from the inside with a hot chocolate (שׁוֹקוֹ) you can do it while watching 23FM – an Israeli sitcom with the aspiration to teach teenagers proper Hebrew. Designed for the youngsters it’s a fun and simple sitcom, with full episodes on YouTube plus Hebrew subtitles.


5) Another way to celebrate the חֹורֶף with hot שׁוֹקוֺ is by grabbing a book and reading it under the duvet. I recommend My Michael by Amos Oz and A Pigeon and a Boy by Meir Shalev.

To you, books readers and everyone else – HAPPY WINTER!


Text Vocabulary

Winter = חֹורֶף

Rain =  גֶּשֶׁם

First rain = יוֺרֶה

Puddles = שְׁלוּלִיּוֺת, puddle = שְׁלוּלִית

Coats = מְעִילׅים, coat = מְעִיל

Hot chocolate = שׁוֹקוֹ


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