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5 Cool Stores in Tel-Aviv Posted by on Jun 18, 2018 in Exploring Israel

There are many things to do in Tel-Aviv, shopping included. I selected 5 stores (plus 3 bonus stores) to enrich your next shopping experience in Tel-Aviv. Enjoy!


The common stereotype of the Jewish mother and wife known in Israel (where most mothers are Jewish but originate from diverse ethnic groups) is the Polish mother. A Polish woman named Michal started to write the pearls of wisdom she heard from her Polish mother on shirts, magnets, aprons, placemats, coasters, peephole frames, mugs, notebooks, bags, phone covers, and so on. She was amazed to realize how many of us had heard the same pearls from our own moms. Sentences like: “I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my head”, “I didn’t say yes, I said maybe”, and the eternal worry of “what will the neighbors say?!”.

What else: Michal’s store is dedicated to the Polish mother and her funny sentences are written in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. If you are outside of Israel, you can purchase these hilarious items online from her website.

Sheinkin Street 45 @ Website @ Facebook

Photo by Ayana


This is an ice cream parlor in which the customers create their own dreamlike ice cream sandwich. The store is designed according to the creation steps: at the entrance the display cabinet of the cookies, which are all baked fresh in the oven beyond the cabinet. You need to choose two cookies, and you are free to combine two different kinds. There are the classic chocolate chips, but there also cookies with caramel, pecan, white chocolate, macadamia, Oreo, and candies. In the next display cabinet are the different ice creams. After choosing your favorite flavor it’s time for the icing: chocolate or candies (or none). If your dream ice cream isn’t in the shape of a sandwich you can always order a regular ice cream, or even better – an ice cream in an edible bowl made of cookie!

What else: if you are in a rush, you can buy the cookies and/or the ice cream to take home. And there are vegan options as well.

Dizengoff Street 116 + Allenby street 114 @ Website

Photo by Ayana

Bauhuas Center Tel-Aviv

During the 1930s and the 40s, about four thousand buildings in Tel-Aviv were built in the Bauhaus architecture style. This unique collection of buildings known as the White City, was proclaimed a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. The Bauhuas Center shop has a collection of literature about Bauhaus, architecture and Tel-Aviv. It also sells Israeli art, and it’s a great place for buying souvenirs. You won’t find the usual camels dolls, IDF hats, or Jerusalem magnets, but instead special items, like stationery cases in the shape of Taboon bread, magnet boards to write on things to remember in the shape of the biblical stone tablets, Bauhuas architecture memory games, coasters of Israeli leaders, recycled purses made of Israeli snack wrapper, rulers in the shape of Jerusalem building landscape, activity city guides for creative travelers, and so on. The downstairs floor hosts exhibitions about design, photography and Israel. And if you are interested you can join the weekly two hour tour starting at the Bauhaus Center every Friday and explores the White City.

What else: private tours in different languages are available during the weekdays.

Dizengoff Street 77 @ Website @ Instagram

Photo by Ayana

Barber Shop Cut & Shave

If you are in town and need a haircut, you better do it in the most stylish barber shop in Tel-Aviv. Charcoal lights hanging from the ceiling, wooden furniture, a wall full of mustached customers’ pictures, a big slogan that reads “keep calm and just cut it”, and all in black and white. The owners – the bearded brothers, Itzik and Victor, will welcome you with open arms, big smiles, and maybe even a chaser if you are lucky. But once they are holding the razor they wear a serious face, while thoroughly taking care of every single hair. And if you have the chance, maybe you will bump into one of Israeli celebrities shaving his whiskers, like this famous chef who was caught in the paparazzi camera lens during his haircut in Cut & Shave.

Dizengoff Street 228 @ Instagram @ Facebook

Photo by Ayana


Named after the owner’s Dalmatian dog, this shirt store opened in 1994. Over a thousand designs of Israeli, army and humorous T-shirts are waiting for you in the store. The walls are all covered in variety of shirts, from floor to ceiling. And in the center, a printing machine works nonstop. You are welcome to choose a shirt from the selection on the walls. Shirts with prints of Israel leaders, IDF unit symbols, cultural icons and Hebrew captions, as a souvenir from your visit in Tel-Aviv. One of the best sellers of the store, according to the owner, is a shirt with the slogan: “keep calm cause the IDF is here”. I liked the “visit Israel before Israel visits you” T-shirt, or the wedding shirt with the slogan: “under new management”. If you are creative, you are also welcome to bring your own design and to print it on the spot.

What else: if you missed the store while in Israel don’t worry – you can purchase a shirt online on their website.

Dizengoff Street 98 @ Website @ Facebook

Photo by Ayana

Other recommended cool stores:

The Third Ear – If you are looking for Hebrew music on vinyl records, or you are interested in alternative music.

King George Street 48 @ Website @ Facebook

Papabubble – If you are a creative sweet tooth and wish to design your own candy. Their handmade candies will be prepared according to your chosen colors, pattern and flavors.

Dizengoff Street 179 @ Facebook @ Instagram

Papier – Sophisticated paper products (designed and made in Israel) inspired by the world of print and text. Aesthetic designs in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

David Ha’melech Boulevard 1 @ Website @ Facebook @ Instagram


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