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Beating the Heat in Israel: Ordering Ice Cream in Hebrew Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Photo from Rizka Budiati on flickr.com

Ice Cream and Waffle by Rizka Budiati from flickr.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s the beginning of August and the Israeli sun is scorching. The temperatures are excessively high and the humidity is unbearable. The Israeli summer is tough, and unfortunately very light clothes and very strong air conditioners are not enough. During the summer the Israelis forage for refreshing icy food. Melon, watermelon and grapes are the stars of the season. But the sweetest option is ice cream (גְּלִידָה). Who will ever say no to an ice cream? גְּלִידָה is fairly a new word in the Hebrew language, appearing for the first time in print in 1909, but in large use since then.

Usually when you enter an ice cream parlor (גְּלִידֶרִיָּה) in Israel the first thing you will be asked by the salesman is: “what’s for you?”. Maybe the toughest question ever. The variety is confusing: ranging from tiramisu (טִירָמִיסוּ) to peanut butter (חֶמְאַת בָּטְנִים) to mint (מֶנְטָה). A pleasure to the braves among us. But if you wish to avoid the conflict you can always visit one of the most famous ice cream parlors in Israel – Montana. Located in Tel-Aviv port since 1960 and sell only two flavors: chocolate (שׁוֹקוֹלָד) and vanilla (וָנִיל). (For advanced reading in Hebrew about Montana check this article). As for me, as a chocolate addict, no matter which גְּלִידֶרִיָּה I visit, I always end up with chocolate ice cream גְּלִידַת שׁוֹקוֹלָד. You can never go wrong with chocolate ice cream.

גְּלִידֶרִיָּה useful vocabulary

Scoop = כַּדּוּר

Cup = כּוֹס

Cone = גָּבִיעַ

Flavor = טַעַם

Sorbet = סוֹרְבֶּה

Strawberry ice cream = גְּלִידַת תּוּת

Vanilla ice cream =  גְּלִידַת וָנִיל

Chocolate ice cream = גְּלִידַת שׁוֹקוֹלָד

What’s for you? (masculine gender) = ?מָה בִּשְׁבִילְךָ

What’s for you? (feminine gender) = ?מָה בִּשְׁבִילֵךְ

I would like to have peanut butter ice cream in a cone (feminine gender) =

אֲנִי רוֹצָה בְּבַקָּשָׁה גְּלִידַת חֶמְאַת בָּטְנִים בְּגָבִיעַ

I would like to have one scoop of tiramisu ice cream (masculine gender) =

אֲנִי רוֺצֶה בְּבַקָּשָׁה כַּדּוּר אֶחָד שֶׁל גְּלִידַת טִירָמִיסוּ


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