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Gorge on Ice Cream in Hebrew Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Food, Grammar

My very first post on the Hebrew Transparent Blog was about ice cream. It’s been exactly one year, and we are now back again in the midst of the burning season. I can’t let a summer pass without a post about ice cream. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, it’s refreshing, it’s the best icy desert to eat when the temperatures are crazy high (sometimes even 42 degrees Celsius) and the humidity level is unbearable (up to 90 percent).

Ice cream parlor in Tel-Aviv

Ice cream parlor in Tel-Aviv (photo by Ayana)

Since my first post abut ice cream we have improved our Hebrew together: we sang the alphabet, practiced the use of consonantal roots, got familiar with the first person pronoun, expanded our vocabulary and learned how to distinguish feminine from masculine nouns. So now that you have a stronger grip at the Hebrew language, let’s use ice cream for learning a new root:

The infinitive לִזְלוֺל (Liz-lol) means “to gorge” and its root is ז-ל-ל (z-l-l) [פ’ הַפּוֺעַל of this root is ז. ע’ הַפּוֺעַל of this root is ל. ל’ הַפּוֺעַל of this root is ל.] As כ-ת-ב, this root is also a typical tri-consonantal root without irregular. Here is how it conjugated in the past, present and future tenses:

Pronouns Past Present Future
I (masculine)


זָלַלְתִּי זוֺלֵל אֶזְלוֺל
I (feminine)


זָלַלְתִּי זוֺלֶלֶת אֶזְלוֺל


זָלַלְנוּ זוֺלְלִים נִזְלוֺל
You (masculine)


זָלַלְתָּ זוֺלֵל תִּזְלוֺל
You (feminine)


זָלַלְתְּ זוֺלֶלֶת תִּזְלְלִי
You (plural, masculine)


זְלַלְתֶּם זוֺלְלִים תִּזְלְלוּ
You (plural, feminine)


זְלַלְתֶּן זוֺלְלוֺת תִּזְלוֺלְנָה, תִּזְלְלוּ


זָלַל זוֺלֵל יִזְלוֺל


זָלְלָה זוֺלֶלֶת תִּזְלוֺל
They (masculine)


זָלְלוּ זוֺלְלִים יִזְלְלוּ
They (feminine)


זָלְלוּ זוֺלְלוֺת     תִּזְלוֺלְנָה, יִזְלְלוּ


Here are some new ice cream related sentences for practice:

אֲנׅי כּוֺתֶבֶת עַל גְּלִידָה

A-ni ko-te-vet al ge-li-da

I’m writing about ice cream


אֲנַחְנוּ רוֺצִים בְּבַקָּשָׁה גְּלִידַת תּוּת

A-nach-nu ro-tzim be-va-ka-sha ge-li-dat tut

We would like to have strawberry ice cream


הוּא זוֺלֵל גְּלִידַת וָנִיל

Wu zo-lel ge-li-dat va-nil

He is gorging on vanilla ice cream


הֵם זָלְלוּ גְּלִידַת שׁוֹקוֹלָד

Em za-le-lu ge-li-dat sho-ko-lad

They gorged on chocolate ice cream

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