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Free Online Hebrew Learning Tools Posted by on Jun 22, 2020 in Learning Hebrew

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Learning a foreign language is hard. Regardless of your level of proficiency, struggling with new vocabulary, grammar and syntax is not easy. Using the right tools can help you enjoy the way. Here is a list of free online tools to help you immerse in Hebrew.

Watch Israeli television

Watching television is a fun way to practice the language and get familiar with the culture. Three big Israeli websites provide a variety of TV shows. You can find Hebrew comedy, drama, documentary, reality television, game show, thriller, soap opera and more on Mako, Walla, and Kan websites.

On YouTube you can watch the children TV show Rinat and Mimi in the Words Land. The show fits intermediate learners. With short episodes, less than 10 minutes each, every episode focuses on one basic word and how to use it. The first episode, for example, teaches the words for animals, including Hebrew animals names, their sounds in Hebrew, and related verbs.

Cook in Hebrew

Food vocabulary is essential. We eat and drink every day, cook frequently, and there’s nothing like showing off our language skills when going out to an Israeli restaurant. For basic practice you can use these websites to prepare a Hebrew shopping list before heading to the supermarket. Cooking shows are the best way to practice related vocabulary. For basics, start with the short episodes on YouTube of Cooking with Children and Sugat Recipes. Then move on to the TV cooking shows from the Israeli TV links above. Visit this and this website for food news, restaurants reviews and recipes.

Listen to Israeli radio

Many Israeli radio stations offer online live streaming, and full recorded episodes of their regular shows. Check out the popular Galgalatz, Eco99fm, Radio Tel-Aviv, and 103fm. Listen to a snippet from the daily morning program on 103fm, in which the hosts surprise a famous celebrity every day on the phone:

Read news online

The popular Israeli websites provide news around the clock: Ynet, Mako and Walla. But there’s nothing like the experience of flipping through the newspaper, leafing through the headlines. If you can’t buy the paper edition, some newspapers offer a free digital edition: the free newspaper Israelhayom, and the popular newspaper Maariv, for example.

If you want to know the weather in Israel and also enrich your related vocabulary, you can check the weather broadcast here. If you want to stay up-to-date with The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and also practice Hebrew, visit TASE website. If you wish to read only good news, Hebrew items that will bring smile to your face, check this and this website.

Sing in Hebrew

In our Spotify channel you can listen to six popular Israeli tunes of various musical styles. You are welcome to contribute to our playlist, and tell us what are your favorite Hebrew songs? Leave a comment (here or on our Facebook and Twitter), tell us which Israeli song you listen to.

On YouTube there are longer playlists of Hebrew songs. This playlist includes some of the best Israeli classics. For modern songs I recommend this playlist, and this one, too. If you are interested in songs for children, here you can find all the well-known Israeli nursery rhymes.

Shironet is an Israeli website that presents the lyrics of Hebrew songs. It is the largest of its kind, and includes the songs’ chords, video clips and general information about the musicians. It provides search results by artists, albums, lyrics, titles, and themes.

Listen to Hebrew podcast

Israel’s largest podcast website contains links to all podcasts in Hebrew. Podcasts for children are a good way to learn Hebrew, practice listing comprehension, and enrich your vocabulary. A Head Full of Stories, for example, devotes every episode to a different famous Hebrew children’s writer, and his or her writings.

Play games

The Academy of the Hebrew Language offers Hebrew quizzes on its website. You can find many quizzes of this sort over the internet, to help you practice spelling, learn synonyms, and phrases. Answering trivia questions in Hebrew is another way to practice the language and having fun. For basic vocabulary check out this website with questions suitable for children. For advanced questions and vocabulary check out this website.

Learn a new word everyday

Daily practicing is important to improvement of language proficiency. Use our free service of Hebrew word of the day to enrich your vocabulary.

Use social media

Follow us on Facebook. Follow the Academy of the Hebrew Language on Instagram. Follow an Israeli celebrity to practice modern daily Hebrew. Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, or Benny Gantz on Twitter.


Use these adverbs of frequency to create your own sentences, and share them in the comments below.

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